About Us


J Carter Centre for Public Speaking

J Carter Centre  was incorporated in November 2006 as a training business providing enrichment and corporate training to schools and organizations. In November 2008, we set up our centre in Novena specializing in Public Speaking for teens and children. In 2009, we were appointed an examination centre for Trinity Guildhall Certification in Communication Skills In 2011, we became an examination centre for The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) Certification in Speaking in Public. In 2015, we were appointed as an ‘Approved Centre’ for London College of Music (LCM) Certificate in Speaking and Presenting in English. Visit the following sites for more information about the Graded examinations.

Our Mission

1. Boost our students’ self-esteem.
2. Build their confidence in expressing their views.
3. Improve their social skills.
4. Create self-awareness.
5. Improve their ability to speak proper English.
6. Teach them to present effectively in class and on stage.
7. Teach them to think on their feet.
8. Develop their skills in persuasion and negotiation.
9. Improve their listening, note-taking and paraphrasing abilities.
10. Improve their speech writing skills.

Currently, we offer the following courses. Do check with us for frequent updates on new courses. All courses (except for EQ4KIDZ) was designed by our Founder, Jackeline Carter.

  1. Public Speaking – LAMDA (Solo Introductory Stage 1-3, Entry – Grade 3)
  2. Public Speaking – Trinity (Grade 2 – Grade 8), Professional Certificate
  3. Spoken English – LCM (Grade 3-4)
  4. Creative Writing through Visualisation – Level 1 (Stage 1-3)
  5. Foundation Workshop – Public Speaking (K2 – Sec 3)
  6. Oral Exam Preparation for P5/P6
  7. DSA Preparation Course
  8. DSA Interview Coaching (Individual)
  9. EQ4KIDZ – (P1-P4)





2 replies

  1. Hi, pls email us your rates and schedule for p3 public speaking courses awarded by Trinity Colleges . Thank you.


    • Hi Connie, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we do not offer Trinity Grades 1 and 2 currently. For the Trinity programme, we offer Grade 3 to professional cert.

      For K2 to P4 students, we offer LAMDA Speaking in Public and LCM Spoken English.

      You can visit our website http://www.jcartercentre.com for vacancies and class schedules.

      You may also call our centre at 67372700 and speak to Nanz. She will be happy to assist you.


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