Another Perfect Score in the Trinity College Graded Examinations in Communication Skills – Themis Lai



We have achieved another first at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking! Congratulations to our student Themis Lai for scoring 100 marks in the Trinity College Graded Examinations in Communication Skills – Grade 3.

In November 2016, at the tender age of 9 years, Themis was able to impress a tough examiner from United Kingdom with a speech based on a news article titled “Plot to attack Marina Bay with rocket from Batam foiled”. Although she is not the first student at our centre to achieve a perfect score in this exam, she is our youngest to date. Students attempting Grade 3 are usually 11 or 12 years old however Themis displayed an amazing talent in public speaking when she was doing the LAMDA Speaking in Public programme at age 8 and was talent spotted to move into the more challenging Trinity College Communication Skills programme by one of our trainers.

Themis is currently preparing for the Grade 4 examinations in May 2017 and will be completing her Grade 5 by end of 2017. We look forward to seeing her achieve even more amazing results this year.

If you are keen to enrol your child in our Trinity College Communication Skills programme, please call our centre at 67372700 for more information. We are currently registering students for semester 2 and places are filling up very fast. We will be offering classes ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 7 for semester 2.

You can also ask about our unique programmes such as the Grade 2 with Competition Coaching and DSA Preparation Course.

You may visit this link for updates on vacancies:

Results for November 2016 LAMDA -Speaking in Public Examinations

Once again, our centre has achieved amazing results in the LAMDA Examinations. We had 100% passes with a Distinction rate of 93%. 64 out of 69 students who took the examination at our centre achieved a Distinction. The highest scores were 96 out of a possible 100. We are happy to say the 4 of our students from various grades achieved a score of 96%. Congratulations to all of our students, parents and teachers for putting in the effort needed to achieve such amazing results.

In the LAMDA Speaking in Public programme, Students are taught to write and deliver their own speeches using proper speech writing techniques as well as verbal and non-verbal techniques to deliver the speech in front of an audience. There is also a segment on ‘Discussion and Conversation’ which teaches the students to interact on a 1 to 1 basis  and to hold a conversation on topics that interest them. This segment of the programme has helped many of our students achieve high scores in English Oral Examinations in school.

There is still time to enrol your child in Public Speaking classes for Semester 1. We have very few places left. If you miss registering for Semester 1, the next intake will be in July 2017. We do not take in any students once the classes starts. The spaces remaining are mainly for lower primary students. All other classes are full. To find out more about the LAMDA Speaking in Public programme, please go to this link:

Our programme is 16 weeks long with an In-house test at the end of semester. Students who are keen to acquire an International Certificate which is recognised by MOE can register for the LAMDA exam. The examiner will fly in from London to conduct the examinations at our centre.

All of our trainers are specially selected and trained by our founder Jackeline Carter. Every year, many adults apply to teach at J Carter Centre but only a selected few who meet the stringent requirements set forth by Jackeline will be selected to undergo training and be given an opportunity to teach at J Carter Centre. Trainers’ performances are constantly being reviewed and those that do not maintain the standard of teaching required will no longer be offered assignments at J Carter. This is to ensure that the quality of teaching will not be affected and every student will receive the attention needed even if they are not in a class taught by our Founder.

If you would like to find out more about our programmes or enrol your child in a Semester 1 class, please call our centre at 67372700 and our centre manager will recommend the correct grade and programme for your child. You can also visit our website at for more information.

The vacancies available for Semester 1 are as follows:

Entry 2 – Start Date: Wednesday, 18 January 2017 – 5 places left.

Entry 1 – Start Date: Thursday, 26 January 2017 – 1 place left.

Grade 1 – Start Date: Thursday, 26 January 2017 – 4 places left.

Grade 3 – Start Date: Thursday, 26 January 2017 – 1 place left

Students who enroll in weekday classes will enjoy $100 weekday discount.

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Congratulations to Augustus Tay for Achieving a Perfect Score in the LAMDA Speaking in Public Examinations!

Once again one of our students have achieved a first at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking! We are happy to announce that our student Augustus Gerald Tay has achieved 100 marks in LAMDA Speaking in Public Grade 3 Examinations held in June 2016. Augustus’ speech was based on his personal interest Magic.  Augustus is a student of Ms Jackeline Carter and is currently working on Trinity College London Communication Skills Grade 3 with DSA preparation.

If you are keen to enroll your child in our LAMDA Speaking in Public programme, please call our centre at 67372700 for information on 2017 schedule. We are currently registering students for 2017 Semester 1.

Congratulations Augustus, we are all very proud of you!


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AUGUSTUS GERALD TAY – Overall Top Scorer/Top in Grade June 2016

Trinity College London Communication Skills Examinations Results – May/June 2016

Once again our students at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking have achieved amazing results in the Trinity College London Communication Skills Examinations for May/June 2016. Congratulations to all of our students. I am very proud of your achievements. Thank you for your hard work. 

Jackeline Carter 


  1. Lakshana Kumar – Joint Top in Grade

  2. Leon Long Zeyu  – Joint Top in Grade

  3. Laranya Kumar – High Distinction

  4. Kelly Ong Si Hui – Distinction

  5. Carman Chew  – Distinction

  6. Charlene Chong Jia Xin – Distinction

  7. Long Zepeng – Distinction

  8. Toh Qian Qi –  High Merit

  9. Koh Bei Li – High Merit


  1. Michael Lang Li-Yuan – Top in Grade

  2. Julian Tay Yong Sheng – High Distinction

  3. Ng Yan Khai Ryan –  Distinction

  4. Yue Shi Quan Sean – Distinction       

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Michael Lang Li-Yuan


  1. Lau Shen-I – Top in Grade

  2. Loh Yih-Hang – High Distinction

  3. Maya Raisha Zainudin  – High Distinction

  4. Joanne Yate  – High Distinction

  5. Gabriel Alexander Wong Jun Yi – High Distinction

  6. Emmanuel Chong Chen Wei – Distinction

  7. Loh Xian Guo Bryan  – High Merit

  8. Loh Xian Yang Brendan – High Merit


Lau Shen-I


  1. Wee Li LIng Zara Grace –  Top in Grade

  2. Chong Rui Ting – High Distinction

  3. Sanshray Karthikeyan – High Distinction

  4. Xan Ng – Distinction

  5. Chong Chan How – Distinction

  6. Loh Li Ing Amelia – High Merit

  7. Jacob Tay Zhi Sheng – High Merit

  8. Stacey Jade Lo – Pass


Wee Li Ling Zara Grace


  1. Jermaine Ang (Hong Zhuomin) – Top in Grade

  2. Lim Xin Ni – High Distinction

  3. Alwyn Tok Hong Sheng – High Distinction

  4. Joye Lim Qian Qi – High Distinction

  5. Tan Wei Jun – High Distinction

  6. Khua Yan Han Cedric – High Distinction

  7. Chua Yaw Hong Frederick Vyner – Distinction

  8. Chong Kaelie – Distinction

  9. Hong Chun Yong Brendan – Distinction

  10. Nicholas Yee Sheng Cheung – Distinction

  11. Reyna Ong Si Ting – Distinction

  12. Stephanie Louisa Lo – Merit


Jermaine Ang (Hong Zhuomin)


  1. Jethro Lim Lei En – Joint Top in Grade

  2. Skylar Gen Johnson – Joint Top in Grade

  3. Koh Khee Png Mathew – High Distinction

  4. Yee En Ning – High Distinction

  5. Elizabeth Lang LI-Yuan – High Distinction

  6. Isaac Tay (Zheng Yiliang) – High Distinction

  7. Megan Lim Pei Xuan – High Distinction

  8. Janelle Teng Mei Xuan – High Distinction

  9. Darius Lye Ze Qi  – High Distinction

  10. Lim Sheeann  – Distinction

  11. Donald Chan Deng Tin – Distinction


Jethro Lim Lei En

If you would like to see your child achieve excellent results in communication skills, you can consider signing up in 2017. The 2017 schedule is now available. Do call our centre at 67372700 for information.



Overall Top Student: ONG YU XIAN -GRADE 8


  1. Wong Zhengwei – Distinction


  1. Lim Ting Li Nicole – Distinction
  2. Low Wey Hsuan – Distinction


  1. Long Zepeng – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Long Zeyu – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  3. Koh Bei Li – Distinction
  4. Toh Qian Qi – High Merit
  5. Charlene Chong Jiaxin – Merit


  1. Kumar Laranya – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Yip Xin Hong Kaizer – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  3. Chloe chua E-Shyan – Distinction
  4. Michael Lang Li Yuan – Distinction
  5. Carmen Chew – Distinction
  6. Kumar Lakshana – Distinction
  7. Yue Shi Min Grace – Merit
  8. Kwik Feng Yuan – Merit


  1. Nikhita Raj Terence – Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Julian Tay Yong Sheng – Distinction
  3. Ryan Ng Yan Khai – Distinction
  4. Curtis Aaron Chiu Min Ern – Distinction
  5. Sean Yue Shi Quan – Distinction
  6. Su Jing Long Brian – Distinction
  7. Lim Swee Sen Samuel – Distinction
  8. Lee Zhang Ze – Distinction
  9. Rama Venkatesh – Distinction


  1. Jimmy Lok Zoen Yhong – Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Tan Jen Kai – Distinction
  3. Emmanuel Chong Chen Wei – Distinction
  4. Jacob Tay Zhi Sheng – Distinction
  5. Edmund Su Ye Kai – Distinction
  6. Wong J-Min – High Merit
  7. TAn Tag Han – High Merit

Grade 3

  1. Khua Yan Han Cedric – Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Zheng Zhixin – Distinction
  3. Zheng Zhihui – Distinction
  4. Isabelle Khang Loo Ping – Distinction
  5. Claudia Khang Loo An – Distinction
  6. Lim Xin Ni – Distinction
  7. Jermaine Ang – Merit

Congratulations to all of our students for doing so well in the exams.



Overall Top Student  

Heema Izzati Zainudin (Grade 4 – Age 9 years)

Top Students:

  1.  Ong Tze En Gareth (Grade 3)
  2. Pang Zhi Yong (Grade 3)
  3. Wee Hai-Ley Victoria (Grade 3)
  4. Thevenon Nicolas (Grade 3)
  5. Li Wan Lin Phoebe (Grade 3)
  6. Chong Yu Ning Shannon (Grade 3)
  7. Lam Kai Hui Evon (Grade 3)
  8. Jethro Lim Lei En (Grade 2)
  9. Laura Lang Wen Ling (Grade 1)
  10. Aniq Bin Arizan (Grade 1)
  11. Shayna Menon Rakesh (Grade 1)

Distinction – Grade 5

  1. Ong Yi Xian Seth
  2. Natasha Chia Wen Xi
  3. Khoo An Xian
  4. Chong Jo Ee
  5. So Lok Si Faith

Distinction – Grade 4

  1. See Hoo Onn Zee
  2. Anwen Wong
  3. Lim Rei Han
  4. Tan La En Valerie

Distinction – Grade 3

  1. Chin Xin Hui Ezanne
  2. Megan Lai Yu Xuan
  3. P Nikita Anjaili
  4. Vera Choo Yan Ying
  5. Elizabeth Lang Wan Ling
  6. Ong Yu Kai

Distinction – Grade 2

  1. Nuriffah Binte Andy Azaly
  2. Chong Wen Hao
  3. Emma Chong Xin En
  4. Ng Chu Hui
  5. Lim Zhi Ying
  6. Thevanon Thomas
  7. Tan Guang Yi
  8. Khoo An Ying
  9. Khua Ka Keng Henric
  10. Charlotte Chia Yun Xi
  11. Chew Le-Tong Charlotte Tammy
  12. Choo Zi Xuan
  13. Eng Kay Ling
  14. Levanne Ong Heng Ying
  15. Lim kai Jun
  16. Wong Zi Yao Joel
  17. Dylan Chong Shao Feng
  18. Gregory tan Jie Hui
  19. Katelyn Ho Kar Huen
  20. Lam Kai Ting Eden

Distinction – Grade 1

  1. Teong Chee Kai
  2. Jonathan Yeo Tze Ho
  3. Thean Chang-Soong Philip Benjamin
  4. Yap Cheng Hoe
  5. Lau Linn-I
  6. Chong Jo Lynn
  7. Colette Chua
  8. Ang Xuan Xi
  9. Jerome Gabriel Lee Jun Yi
  10. Jonathan Kwek Wei Ming
  11. Wong Yong Rui

Distinction – Entry

  1. Chua Zi Bin
  2. Khoo Qian Jun
  3. Loh Si Wing Tara
  4. Teo Xin Xin
  5. Teo Yang Tze Marc
  6. Yap Kuan Cheng Bryan
  7. Isabel Choo Yan Xi
  8. Cheng Jia Qin Phoebe
  9. Li Zong Rui Preston
  10. Sophie Ang Jia Shuen
  11. Tan Jin En
  12. Lai Tze Ee Christabelle
  13. Tan Jen Yih
  14. Tan Kia Hui
  15. Tan Kia Min
  16. Chua Kai Ting Velda
  17. Ang Yu En

Distinction – Solo Introductory Stage 3

  1. Koh Yu Xuan
  2. Lorena Kuek Wen Xi
  3. Meghan Nim Yi En


  1. See hoo Sen Hon (Entry)
  2. Guo Xin Er (Entry)
  3. Lim Qi Xuan Kadence
  4. Sarah Jane Chin Min En (Entry)
  5. Dominique Law Sze Yu (Grade 3)
  6. Donald Oh (Grade 3)
  7. Poh YiJian (Grade 3)

Congratulations to all of our students. We are very proud of you!


Congratulations to our LAMDA students who have achieve a Distinction for November 2014 Examinations:

June 2014 – Distinction Holders

Entry Level

Charlotte Chia Yunxi

Grade 1 Level

Steward Yeo Xian Bin

Grade 2 Level

Hong Yi Chen Desiree – Joint Overall Top

Heema Izzati Zainudin

Lee Yu Xuan

Alwyn Tok Hong Sheng

Grade 3

Lim Yun Fang

Nuqman Hafiy Bin Md Fawzy

Seow En Hui Charis

So Lok Si Faith – Joint Overall Top

Pranav Ananth Hari

Grade 4

Lau Shen-I

Natasha Chia Wen Xi

November 2014 – Distinction Holders

Introductory Stage Three

Christian Huray

Entry Level

Laura Lang Wen Ling

Colette Chua

Shayna Menon Rakesh

Grade 1

Emma Chong Xin En

Jethro Lim Lei En

Ng Chu Hui

Eng Kay Ling

Tan Guang Yi

Thevenon Thomas

Grade 2

P Nikita Anjalli

Elizabeth Lang Wan Yun

Pang Zhi Yong

Megan Lai Yu Xuan

Ong Yu Kai

Thevenon Nicolas

Li Wan Lin Phoebe

Steward Yeo Xian Bin

Victoria Wee Hai-Ley

Jasper Sim Jian Wei

Wee Yuet Tung

Grade 3

Alwyn Tok Hong Sheng

Clavin Cher Hui Yao

Ariel Wee Shi Shuen

Lee Yu Xuan

See Hoo Onn Zee

Beverly Low

Jermaine Ang

Choo Zi Xuan

Amelie Loh Rui Lin

Lim Rei Han

Tang Ning Chloe Nicholle

Nikhil Ryan Terence

Aleesha Haq

Riaz Haq

Chew Rui En

Grade 4

Chong Jo Ee

Vedika Gupta

Raysha Menon Rakesh – Overall Top Student

So Lok Si Faith

Lim Yuan Xin Abigail

Ong Yi Xian Seth

Claudia Ong Shi Qing

Grade 5

Lau Shen-I