Congratulations to JulianTay for Achieving a GOLD at SPAF 2016!

We are proud to announce that our student Julian Tay has achieved a GOLD award for Public Speaking during the Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) 2016.

Trinity College London Communication Skills Examinations Results – May/June 2016

Once again our students at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking have achieved amazing results in the Trinity College London Communication Skills Examinations for May/June 2016.

DSA Book – As seen on Talking Point on 26 May 2016 is Out of Stock at J Carter Centre

This Book -Success Strategies for Direct School Admissions authored by Jackeline Carter was featured on Talking Point – 26/5/2016

Schools offering Communication/English Domain under DSA scheme

“The Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme will be reviewed to recognise achievements and talents in specific areas – which was its original objective – instead of general academic ability.”


Over the years, I have had many students who have written wonderful speeches and achieved Distinctions for the LAMDA and Trinity exams. I will begin posting some of these amazing works so that more people can enjoy reading them. The first one is by my student Lau Shen-I titled ‘Holidays’ _________________________________________________________________ What type of holidays doContinue reading “HOLIDAYS – A Grade 5 SPEECH BY LAU SHEN-I”

5 Reasons why you should consider an Integrated Programme (IP) School

(This is an updated version of the article that first appeared on Smartification)   In 2013, the principal from Jurong West Secondary School asked a daring question during a discussion at an education forum on the topic of making every school a good one. “How many of our leaders and top officers who say thatContinue reading “5 Reasons why you should consider an Integrated Programme (IP) School”


Congratulations to our LAMDA students who have achieve a Distinction for November 2014 Examinations: June 2014 – Distinction Holders Entry Level Charlotte Chia Yunxi Grade 1 Level Steward Yeo Xian Bin Grade 2 Level Hong Yi Chen Desiree – Joint Overall Top Heema Izzati Zainudin Lee Yu Xuan Alwyn Tok Hong Sheng Grade 3 LimContinue reading “DISTINCTION HOLDERS FOR JUNE/NOVEMBER 2014 -LAMDA SPEAKING IN PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS”

Adopt and Save a Life by Shen-I

This speech was written and presented by my Grade 5 LAMDA student Shen-I. This video was recorded during one of the practise sessions which explains why it is a little rough around the edges. The reason why I am posting this video is because of the message in her speech – responsible pet ownership. I hopeContinue reading “Adopt and Save a Life by Shen-I”