Congratulations to our 2017 High Achievers for LAMDA & Trinity Examinations


2017 May LAMDA Top in Solo Introductory Stage 3 - Fion Tan Ya
Fion Tan Ya – LAMDA Top in Solo Introductory Stage 3, May 2017: Student of Ms Ketti Tjhin
2017 May LAMDA Top In Grade 1 - Ariel Lau Zhiern (1)
Ariel Lau Zhiern – LAMDA Top in Grade 1, May 2017: Student of Ms Shirin Seah
2017 May LAMDA Top In Grade 2 - Karis Heng Kye Shyen
Karis Heng Kye Shyen –  LAMDA Top in Grade 2, May 2017
2017 May LAMDA Top In Grade 3 - Luke Wang Enze (1)
Luke Wang Enze – LAMDA Top in Grade 3, May 2017
2017 May Trinity Top In Grade 2- Muhammad Putera Abdullah Rosebi (1)
Muhammad Putera Abdullah Rosebi – Trinity Top in Grade 2, May 2017
2017 May Trinity Top in Grade 5 - Nicholas Yee Seng Cheung
Nicholas Yee Seng Cheng – Trinity Top in Grade 5, May 2017
2017 May Trinity Top in Grade 6 - Khua Yan Han Cedric
Khua Yan Han Cedric – Trinity Top in Grade 6, May 2017
2017 November LAMDA Top In Solo Introductory Stage Three - Cayden Chong Ming Xuan (1) crop
Cayden Chong Ming Xuan – LAMDA Top in Solo Introductory Stage 3, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Ketti Tjhin
2017 November LAMDA Top in Grade 1 - Tan Jing Quan Jaizer (3)
Tan Jing Quan – LAMDA Top in Grade 1, Nov 2017
2017 November LAMDA Top in Grade 2 - Ang Guo Xin George
Ang Guo Xin – LAMDA Top in Grade 2, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Shirin Seah
2017 November LAMDA Top in Grade 3 - Chow Li Kuan
Chow Li Kuan – LAMDA Top in Grade 3, Nov 2017
2017 November Trinity Top in Grade 2- Luke Wang Enze
Luke Wang Enze – Trinity Top in Grade 2, Nov 2017
2017 November Trinity Top In Grade 3 - Gauri Madhu
Gauri Madhu – Trinity Top in Grade 3, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Joyce Carter
2017 November Trinity Top in Grade 4- Majeethia Mihir Himanshu (1)
Majeethia Mihir Himanshu – Trinity Top in Grade 4, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Joyce Carter
2017 November Trinity Top in Grade 6- Joye Lim Qian Qi (1)
Joye Lim Qian Qi – Trinity Top in Grade 6, Nov 2017
2017 November Trinity Top In Grade 7 - Reyna Ong Siting
Reyna Ong Siting – Trinity Top in Grade 7, Nov 2017


Not shown – Hasel Soh Wan Qi – Trinity Top in Grade 5, Nov 2017














Results for November 2016 LAMDA -Speaking in Public Examinations

Once again, our centre has achieved amazing results in the LAMDA Examinations. We had 100% passes with a Distinction rate of 93%. 64 out of 69 students who took the examination at our centre achieved a Distinction. The highest scores were 96 out of a possible 100. We are happy to say the 4 of our students from various grades achieved a score of 96%. Congratulations to all of our students, parents and teachers for putting in the effort needed to achieve such amazing results.

In the LAMDA Speaking in Public programme, Students are taught to write and deliver their own speeches using proper speech writing techniques as well as verbal and non-verbal techniques to deliver the speech in front of an audience. There is also a segment on ‘Discussion and Conversation’ which teaches the students to interact on a 1 to 1 basis  and to hold a conversation on topics that interest them. This segment of the programme has helped many of our students achieve high scores in English Oral Examinations in school.

There is still time to enrol your child in Public Speaking classes for Semester 1. We have very few places left. If you miss registering for Semester 1, the next intake will be in July 2017. We do not take in any students once the classes starts. The spaces remaining are mainly for lower primary students. All other classes are full. To find out more about the LAMDA Speaking in Public programme, please go to this link:

Our programme is 16 weeks long with an In-house test at the end of semester. Students who are keen to acquire an International Certificate which is recognised by MOE can register for the LAMDA exam. The examiner will fly in from London to conduct the examinations at our centre.

All of our trainers are specially selected and trained by our founder Jackeline Carter. Every year, many adults apply to teach at J Carter Centre but only a selected few who meet the stringent requirements set forth by Jackeline will be selected to undergo training and be given an opportunity to teach at J Carter Centre. Trainers’ performances are constantly being reviewed and those that do not maintain the standard of teaching required will no longer be offered assignments at J Carter. This is to ensure that the quality of teaching will not be affected and every student will receive the attention needed even if they are not in a class taught by our Founder.

If you would like to find out more about our programmes or enrol your child in a Semester 1 class, please call our centre at 67372700 and our centre manager will recommend the correct grade and programme for your child. You can also visit our website at for more information.

The vacancies available for Semester 1 are as follows:

Entry 2 – Start Date: Wednesday, 18 January 2017 – 5 places left.

Entry 1 – Start Date: Thursday, 26 January 2017 – 1 place left.

Grade 1 – Start Date: Thursday, 26 January 2017 – 4 places left.

Grade 3 – Start Date: Thursday, 26 January 2017 – 1 place left

Students who enroll in weekday classes will enjoy $100 weekday discount.

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Congratulations to Augustus Tay for Achieving a Perfect Score in the LAMDA Speaking in Public Examinations!

Once again one of our students have achieved a first at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking! We are happy to announce that our student Augustus Gerald Tay has achieved 100 marks in LAMDA Speaking in Public Grade 3 Examinations held in June 2016. Augustus’ speech was based on his personal interest Magic.  Augustus is a student of Ms Jackeline Carter and is currently working on Trinity College London Communication Skills Grade 3 with DSA preparation.

If you are keen to enroll your child in our LAMDA Speaking in Public programme, please call our centre at 67372700 for information on 2017 schedule. We are currently registering students for 2017 Semester 1.

Congratulations Augustus, we are all very proud of you!


FullSizeRender (1)

AUGUSTUS GERALD TAY – Overall Top Scorer/Top in Grade June 2016

Schools offering Communication/English Domain under DSA scheme

On April 8, 2016 – MOE has announced, “The Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme will be reviewed to recognise achievements and talents in specific areas – which was its original objective – instead of general academic ability.”

Like many parents, I was worried that it could mean denying a large group of students from the DSA scheme. For the last 8 years, I have been coaching many students on their speaking and interviewing skills and the majority of students that pass through my centre opted for the Academic domain when applying for DSA to the schools of their choice. I was silently praying that the changes would not be implemented until next year.

On May 9, schools across Singapore posted information on DSA selection criteria on their school website and I have to say it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Some schools did take away the Academic domain but they replaced it with domains related to it. For example, River Valley High School introduced “Communication” as a new option. For schools retaining Academic domains, they were asking for talent and qualifications in specific academic related areas – such as participation in Speech, Storytelling, Debates and Writing competitions under the English domain.

I am happy  for the majority of students who have come through my doors over the years because their LAMDA Speaking in Public or Trinity Communications Skills International Certification in Graded Exams can now play an even bigger role in helping them succeed in Direct School Admissions.

For  parents with younger children who may consider opting for these domains in the future, my advice to you is to start investing time and effort improving your children’s skills in Public Speaking, Spoken English, Storytelling, Debating and Creative Writing in order to build their portfolio in these areas. To help you, I have compiled a chart listing all the secondary schools which offer domains related to communication skills. I have also created a list of certifications and competitions that your child can participate in so as to boost their abilities in these areas.

Do bear in mind that primary schools do not always offer these competition experiences to every student. As a parent you have to speak to your child’s form teacher and tell her that you want your child to be considered for these competitions. As I come across more competitions, I will update the information in my blog.


Domain – Literary Arts

  • Creative Writing Portfolio (4 to 10 original works completed in the last 12 months)
  • Personal Story of 500 words (describe an event or incident which has made an impact on them or someone close to them)
  • Published Works/Relevant Credentials (Optional)

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Able to demonstrate interest and talent beyond the abilities of students in the same age group and/or have a history of consistent high academic achievements in English.

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Demonstrate interest and talent in English Language beyond the abilities of children in your age group, and/or have a history of consistently high academic achievement.

Domain – Communication / Literacy (English)

  • Candidates should possess strong communication skills with achievements in writing or speaking in English
  • Achievements at the national/international level would be an advantage. Applicants will need to attach evidence of achievement at an appropriate platform that illustrates a high level of competence.

Domain – Academic (English)

  • 80% or higher score (or 70% or higher score for Gifted Education Programme students) for P5 Overall and P6 Mid-Year Examination or its equivalent,
  • Special Achievements in English Language

Domain – NA

  • Academic excellence and potential
  • Leadership qualities
  • Active participation in CCAs
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to be both a team player and an independent learner
  • Sound character: has integrity and is responsible, resilient and compassionate

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Special achievements in English
  • Attained excellent outcomes for national and international competitions and proficiency assessments;
  • Demonstrated contributions to the advancement or spread of knowledge in English.

Domain – Academic (Languages)

  • Excellent academic results for P5 overall and P6 Mid-Year Examination or its equivalent, and
  • Participation and achievements (e.g. competitions) in the talent areas applying for:
    – Languages
  • Shortlisted students will be requested to bring their portfolio of work for the interview

Domain – Creative Expression Talent

  • Students who are accomplished in the creative / literary / oratorical arts such as bilingual orator, published writer, music composer, etc.
  • Portfolio and/or published works (in PDF) / awards / other credentials

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Special Achievement in English Language
  • Excellent results in national/or international competitions in English Language such as the University of New South Wales Competitions
  • Any other academic competitions/achievements

Domain – Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Language and Humanities (Debates and Public Speaking)

  • Students will be required to come to auditions with a prepared speech (1 minute) on one of the following topics:
    -Social Media: Good or Bad?
    -Respect should be earned.
  • Students will also be given an impromptu topic to speak on during the auditions. They may also be required to discuss any points of interest with the auditioner/s.
  • They will be assessed on Style, which will include voice projection, articulation, clarity and expression.
  • They will also be assessed on Content, which will include their knowledge of current affairs, the nature of their arguments and how they express their opinions.
  • We will personally call all applicants who meet the requirements to attend the audition.

CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent
Domain – Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
The Art of Communication through Theatre and Debates.

  • A high level of confidence when conversing about social issues. Interested applicants would demonstrate a genuine interest in current affairs or national, community issues and are able to articulate their thoughts in a clear and organized manner,
  • Experiences in either debates and/or theatre. This means that candidates have had experience related to debating and acting in productions, especially in the presence of an unfamiliar audience,
  • Possess a strong command of the English Language as reflected in candidates’ written and oral communication,
  • Applicants will perform a short dramatic monologue as part of the audition process (dramatization). The choice of monologues will be provided to applicants.
  • Oral presentation during the interview process.
  • Achievements at national competitions/ internationally recognized certification (Drama and Debates)/ Participation and level of representation in school/public performances.

CHIJ Katong Convent
Domain – Communicative Arts

  • Strong oracy skills and a flair for public speaking
  • Top honours or awards won at Inter-school Oratorical or Debate competitions
  • Carried out master of ceremony duties for school-wide/community events e.g. Speech Day

Tanjong Katong Girls’ Sch
Domain – Debating

Students will be eligible if they have excellent performance (with commendations) in one of the following:

  •  National oratorical, public speaking, storytelling or debating competitions (e.g. Wits & Words, organized by MOE) or
  • Other oratorical, public speaking, storytelling or debating competitions

Greenridge Secondary
Domain – Learning for Life Programme (Literary Arts)

Interested applicants must produce a portfolio to show evidence of ability. The portfolio could include:

  • Records of participation (for CCA, competitions etc.) and achievements
  • Records of any involvement in school wide projects or community level programmes or projects
  • Records of any other achievements which are relevant to support your application
  • Testimonials or recommendation letters by primary school teachers or aesthetic coaches/instructors
  • Letter of reference from external coaches/instructors (if any)
  • Interview
  • Auditions or trials (where applicable) – Recite a poem, story-telling etc.

Holy Innocents’ High School
Domain – Journalism & Broadcasting

  • Portfolio: Comprising achievements in journalism and broadcasting related performances, competitions, publications, etc.;
  • Audition: Quality of voice / writing and confidence in presentation;
    Demonstrate commitment and passion in Journalism and Broadcasting and participate actively in the related programmes throughout their 4 years in the school;
  • Take up Journalism and Broadcasting as the core CCA throughout their 4 years in the school.

Mayflower Sec School
Domain – Public Speaking & Debate

  • Participation in Oratorical/Public Speaking /Debating competitions
    Equivalent certification in area of participation
  • For Public Speaking requirements:
    Present a 3 minute speech on a given topic
    Be fluent in spoken English Language
  • For Debate requirements:
    Present a 5 minute argument on a given topic
    Be fluent in spoken English Language

Pasir Ris Crest Sec School
Domain – Effective Communication

  • Applicants must demonstrate a passion for communication related programmes /competitions and be committed to contribute to PRCS in the area for which they have been given DSA.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to go through a selection test as well as an interview.
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills (e.g. public speaking, debates or drama)
  • Achievement in competitions and performance experience are preferred.
  • Do well in the selection test. The selection test involves an audition that serve to assess the applicant’s mastery of the following: Confidence, Vocal Projection,  Clarity, Fluency, Stage Presence

Westwood Sec School
Domain – LEARNING FOR LIFE PROGRAMME: Arts for Life! (Speech and Presentation)

  • Display project management and good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent past performance in debate/story telling competitions or qualifications in the respective disciplines

Interested applicants must produce a portfolio to show evidence of the above. The portfolio could include:

  • Evidence of participation and achievements in a particular art form (can be in the form of an official certificate, photographs, drawings, video etc)
  • Testimonials or recommendation letters by primary school teachers or aesthetics coaches/instructors outlining qualities of creativity, resilience and
  • Letters of reference from private coaches/instructors (if any)

Selection Process

  • Stage 1: All applicants will be expected to go through a selection interview conducted by a panel chaired by Principal, Vice-Principal and Dean. Applicants who successfully clear the interview will move on to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Shortlisted applicants from Stage 1 are required to attend a selection test / audition.

Methodist Girls’ School
Domain – NA

  • I have added MGS IP as an option because they will consider students base on academic ability only.
  • The feedback from the DSA talks is that more emphasis will be placed on English in the areas of writing and communication.

Areas of Achievements which you can use for DSA consideration

  • Trinity Graded Exams in Communications Skills.
  • Top scorer for TRINITY College London Graded examinations in Communication Skills.
  • LAMDA Speaking in Public
  • SPAF – Singapore Performing Arts Festival – (Public Speaking, Impromptu Speaking and Creative Writing)
  • International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) – English and Writing – Distinction/High Distinction
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW) Medals – English or Writing
  • YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)
  • Babble & Speak Competition
  • The Moo-O Awards (Story-telling)
  • National Story Challenge (Story-telling)
  • Wits & Words: Inter-school Debate Championship
  • Primary School Debate Open
  • SOTA Creative Writing Competition
  • Young Authors Award
  • International Scenario Writing Competition
  • Commonwealth Essay Competition (Junior Under 14)
  • Budding Writers Competition
  • Odyssey of the mind (An international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for primary students. Team members apply their creativity to present their own interpretation of literary classics)
  • School Base competitions
  • Zonal/Inter-school competitions


Heema Zainudin – LAMDA Grade 5 Distinction – Top Student November 2015


Over the years, I have had many students who have written wonderful speeches and achieved Distinctions for the LAMDA and Trinity exams. I will begin posting some of these amazing works so that more people can enjoy reading them. The first one is by my student Lau Shen-I titled ‘Holidays’


What type of holidays do you enjoy?

There are many different types of holidays such as relaxation, shopping and adventure holidays. Today, I am going to tell you about my holiday to Chengdu in China which was a shopping and adventure holiday. These two types of holidays allow you to explore and see what the place that you are going to has in store for you instead of just staying in your hotel. However, if you are usually very busy, I recommend that you go for a relaxation holiday as you can get away and rest from the rush of your daily life.

My holiday to Chengdu was a very memorable one as I went to many interesting and fun places and it was also the first time I visited a country during winter. I went to Chengdu for a total of five days. On the first day of the trip, my family was very tired from the flight so we rested. On the second day of the trip, we went shopping in a shopping mall called Global Centre. I enjoyed myself as I was able to interact with the locals and shopped for items that were inexpensive. I bought many art supplies as my hobby is painting and drawing. I also went ice-skating with my cousins and sister. After that, we went to an ancient building that has been around for more than 100 years. All the shops there were very old and they sold items that were related to ancient Chengdu. I bought some souvenirs to remind me of that place.

On the third day, we went to the panda reserve. Chengdu takes a lot of pride in its panda reserve, as it has been so successful that it has managed to breed its pandas and they are now thriving in their 5-star reserve. I saw many healthy-looking giant pandas and I even caught a glimpse of a cute red panda! Not only that, I managed to carry one of the adorable baby pandas. After looking at all the panda enclosures, my parents bought some unique panda stamps for me. I learnt that the Chinese worked extremely hard to have their own panda reserve which they finally succeeded in doing.

On the fourth day, my family and I went tobogganing on Chengdu’s snow mountain. We took a cable car up the mountain as it was very steep. As it was my first time seeing snow, I was very thrilled by the sight of it. We each bought a toboggan and slid down many steep slopes. Later, we ate the local food for lunch and it was really delicious. My family and I really enjoyed eating the Chengdu hot pot, which was great during cold weather. It consisted of a spicy broth and many vegetables and meat inside. On the last day of the trip, I felt very reluctant to go home as I really enjoyed my trip to Chengdu.

 All in all, I had a great time in Chengdu and I was also  exposed to the culture and different way of life of the Chinese. I know that you will enjoy your experience too and look forward to leaving for your trip.

Thank you

*Copyright J Carter Centre for Public Speaking PL. Please do not repost this speech. 


Overall Top Student  

Heema Izzati Zainudin (Grade 4 – Age 9 years)

Top Students:

  1.  Ong Tze En Gareth (Grade 3)
  2. Pang Zhi Yong (Grade 3)
  3. Wee Hai-Ley Victoria (Grade 3)
  4. Thevenon Nicolas (Grade 3)
  5. Li Wan Lin Phoebe (Grade 3)
  6. Chong Yu Ning Shannon (Grade 3)
  7. Lam Kai Hui Evon (Grade 3)
  8. Jethro Lim Lei En (Grade 2)
  9. Laura Lang Wen Ling (Grade 1)
  10. Aniq Bin Arizan (Grade 1)
  11. Shayna Menon Rakesh (Grade 1)

Distinction – Grade 5

  1. Ong Yi Xian Seth
  2. Natasha Chia Wen Xi
  3. Khoo An Xian
  4. Chong Jo Ee
  5. So Lok Si Faith

Distinction – Grade 4

  1. See Hoo Onn Zee
  2. Anwen Wong
  3. Lim Rei Han
  4. Tan La En Valerie

Distinction – Grade 3

  1. Chin Xin Hui Ezanne
  2. Megan Lai Yu Xuan
  3. P Nikita Anjaili
  4. Vera Choo Yan Ying
  5. Elizabeth Lang Wan Ling
  6. Ong Yu Kai

Distinction – Grade 2

  1. Nuriffah Binte Andy Azaly
  2. Chong Wen Hao
  3. Emma Chong Xin En
  4. Ng Chu Hui
  5. Lim Zhi Ying
  6. Thevanon Thomas
  7. Tan Guang Yi
  8. Khoo An Ying
  9. Khua Ka Keng Henric
  10. Charlotte Chia Yun Xi
  11. Chew Le-Tong Charlotte Tammy
  12. Choo Zi Xuan
  13. Eng Kay Ling
  14. Levanne Ong Heng Ying
  15. Lim kai Jun
  16. Wong Zi Yao Joel
  17. Dylan Chong Shao Feng
  18. Gregory tan Jie Hui
  19. Katelyn Ho Kar Huen
  20. Lam Kai Ting Eden

Distinction – Grade 1

  1. Teong Chee Kai
  2. Jonathan Yeo Tze Ho
  3. Thean Chang-Soong Philip Benjamin
  4. Yap Cheng Hoe
  5. Lau Linn-I
  6. Chong Jo Lynn
  7. Colette Chua
  8. Ang Xuan Xi
  9. Jerome Gabriel Lee Jun Yi
  10. Jonathan Kwek Wei Ming
  11. Wong Yong Rui

Distinction – Entry

  1. Chua Zi Bin
  2. Khoo Qian Jun
  3. Loh Si Wing Tara
  4. Teo Xin Xin
  5. Teo Yang Tze Marc
  6. Yap Kuan Cheng Bryan
  7. Isabel Choo Yan Xi
  8. Cheng Jia Qin Phoebe
  9. Li Zong Rui Preston
  10. Sophie Ang Jia Shuen
  11. Tan Jin En
  12. Lai Tze Ee Christabelle
  13. Tan Jen Yih
  14. Tan Kia Hui
  15. Tan Kia Min
  16. Chua Kai Ting Velda
  17. Ang Yu En

Distinction – Solo Introductory Stage 3

  1. Koh Yu Xuan
  2. Lorena Kuek Wen Xi
  3. Meghan Nim Yi En


  1. See hoo Sen Hon (Entry)
  2. Guo Xin Er (Entry)
  3. Lim Qi Xuan Kadence
  4. Sarah Jane Chin Min En (Entry)
  5. Dominique Law Sze Yu (Grade 3)
  6. Donald Oh (Grade 3)
  7. Poh YiJian (Grade 3)

Congratulations to all of our students. We are very proud of you!


Congratulations to our LAMDA students who have achieve a Distinction for November 2014 Examinations:

June 2014 – Distinction Holders

Entry Level

Charlotte Chia Yunxi

Grade 1 Level

Steward Yeo Xian Bin

Grade 2 Level

Hong Yi Chen Desiree – Joint Overall Top

Heema Izzati Zainudin

Lee Yu Xuan

Alwyn Tok Hong Sheng

Grade 3

Lim Yun Fang

Nuqman Hafiy Bin Md Fawzy

Seow En Hui Charis

So Lok Si Faith – Joint Overall Top

Pranav Ananth Hari

Grade 4

Lau Shen-I

Natasha Chia Wen Xi

November 2014 – Distinction Holders

Introductory Stage Three

Christian Huray

Entry Level

Laura Lang Wen Ling

Colette Chua

Shayna Menon Rakesh

Grade 1

Emma Chong Xin En

Jethro Lim Lei En

Ng Chu Hui

Eng Kay Ling

Tan Guang Yi

Thevenon Thomas

Grade 2

P Nikita Anjalli

Elizabeth Lang Wan Yun

Pang Zhi Yong

Megan Lai Yu Xuan

Ong Yu Kai

Thevenon Nicolas

Li Wan Lin Phoebe

Steward Yeo Xian Bin

Victoria Wee Hai-Ley

Jasper Sim Jian Wei

Wee Yuet Tung

Grade 3

Alwyn Tok Hong Sheng

Clavin Cher Hui Yao

Ariel Wee Shi Shuen

Lee Yu Xuan

See Hoo Onn Zee

Beverly Low

Jermaine Ang

Choo Zi Xuan

Amelie Loh Rui Lin

Lim Rei Han

Tang Ning Chloe Nicholle

Nikhil Ryan Terence

Aleesha Haq

Riaz Haq

Chew Rui En

Grade 4

Chong Jo Ee

Vedika Gupta

Raysha Menon Rakesh – Overall Top Student

So Lok Si Faith

Lim Yuan Xin Abigail

Ong Yi Xian Seth

Claudia Ong Shi Qing

Grade 5

Lau Shen-I



Congratulations to our LAMDA student, Raysha Menon Rakesh for achieving    the top position – at our centre – for her Grade 4 Speaking In Public Exams!

She is not only our overall top student for the November 2014 exams but she is also  our youngest studentAge 9 years –  to have achieved such a high score for the  intermediate LAMDA Grade 4 level.

Well done Raysha. All your hard work has paid off! I am very proud of you.    Regards, Ms Jackeline


Adopt and Save a Life by Shen-I

This speech was written and presented by my Grade 5 LAMDA student Shen-I. This video was recorded during one of the practise sessions which explains why it is a little rough around the edges. The reason why I am posting this video is because of the message in her speech – responsible pet ownership. I hope that her speech will encourage more people to adopt instead of buying their pets because there are many dogs and cats in Animal shelters who have been waiting for years for a home to call their own. As a pet lover, this is something very close to my heart. Enjoy the presentation and do re-post it to encourage more people to be responsible pet owners. Thank you, Jackeline Carter