DSA Domains/Talent Areas for Students with Trinity College London Communication Skills Qualifications

List of Schools/Talent Areas offered for Direct School Admissions (DSA) 2022-2023

June Holidays Workshops 2018: Public Speaking Works!

Let your child learn a valuable new skill this June holidays. Sign up for our signature workshop – PUBLIC SPEAKING WORKS! – avaliable for all age groups from K2 to Teens. It’s a great way for your children to have fun and learn at the same time. These are the remainding vacancies as of 30Continue reading “June Holidays Workshops 2018: Public Speaking Works!”

DSA Preparation Course (2017) – Semester 2 Open for Registration

We are officially launching our new 19 weeks DSA Preparation Course in January 2017. This course includes many activities that are conducted by various IP schools during the Direct School Admissions Selection Process.