Trinity College London Communication Skills Top Achievers for May/June 2022


Congratulations to our top achievers for the May/June 2022 examinations. To achieve this position at J Carter Centre, students must score the highest percentage for their grade level and/or above 90%. They will receive a special trophy and their photo will be displayed on our ‘Wall of Fame’ in the center’s reception area.

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J Carter Centre for Public Speaking – Nov/Dec 2022 Workshops – Update

Registration is ongoing for the November/December 2022 Holiday Workshops. Here’s an update on the vacancies for the workshops. These short workshops are a great introduction to public speaking. Sign up now and have fun while learning how to speak confidently. These workshops are also a great preview of what will be coming up in 2023 at J Carter Centre -COMPETITION TRAINING!

Nov/Dec 2022 Workshops

Holiday workshops are a great way for students to learn new skills in the area of performing in front of an audience or to excel in speaking festivals and competitions. At J Carter Centre, we have been preparing students for the Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) since 2017. Students participate in different categories such as verse speaking, storytelling, impromptu speaking, public speaking, and many more. Our students have been achieving wonderful results at the festival over the years and some have gone on to represent their schools in speaking and debating competitions.

Achievements at speaking competitions are also a great way to build up a child’s portfolio for the DSA-SEC selection. Although not every student wants to participate in speaking competitions, learning the skill to speak confidently in front of others is always useful and a necessary talent in today’s competitive society. These workshops have been designed into short courses where students can choose to focus on a specific area of speaking in a fun and engaging way. The skills they have gained in the workshops will also prepare them for speaking competitions.

Impromptu Speaking

Life is a series of presentations and most of these are usually unscripted. Perhaps the most challenging form of speaking is to speak spontaneously. This workshop will teach your child to use a simple technique to speak without scripts relying more on their personal experiences and knowledge in order to share information and experiences on various topics.

Age Group DatesTimeVacanciesStudent Fee
10-1129 Nov – 30 Nov10 am to 1 pmFULLWorkshop Fee: $298
*Reg:$40 (*New Students only)
11-121 Dec – 2 Dec10 am to 1 pmFULL
Updated on 27/11/2022

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a life skill everyone should aim to master no matter their age. Speeches come in many forms but persuasive speaking is perhaps the most useful and necessary form of public speaking that we must all learn to do if we want to convince others to understand our point of view.  Students will learn to craft and deliver a persuasive speech to an intended audience. Verbal and non-verbal techniques will also be taught in this workshop.  Click on the link to watch some of our students deliver a speech:

Age Group DatesTimeVacanciesStudent Fee
1 Dec – 2 Dec10 am to 1 pmFULLWorkshop Fee: $298
*Reg:$40 (*New Students only)
86 Dec – 7 Dec10 am to 1 pmFULL
98 Dec – 9 Dec10 am to 1 pmFULL
10-1112 Dec -13 Dec10 am to 1 pmFULL
Updated on 4/12/2022
Age Group DatesTimeVacanciesStudent Fee
12-13 14 Dec -15 Dec10 am to 1 pmFULLWorkshop Fee: $328
*Reg:$40 (*New Students only)
Updated on 4/12/2022

If you have any questions, you may call 67372700 or email

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8 Reasons Why Communications Skills Will Help Your Child Succeed in the 21st Century


Music, drama, or dance , these are the most common enrichment programmes parents tend to choose for their children. Although they all have their individual merits, these enrichment programmes do not help your child succeed academically or be employable once they leave school. Thus, in today’s competitive world, only one enrichment programme will provide the transferable skills that can have a positive impact in education and the future workplace – Trinity College London Communication Skills.

Here are the 8 reasons why you must send your child for Trinity College London Communication Skills training at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking:

No. 8 – Team Working

In today’s world, the ability to work well with people from different disciplines, background and expertise is crucial when it comes to accomplishing a task or goal. The Trinity Syllabus supports this by allowing students to work in groups through speaking activities and the option of preparing for group exams.

No. 7 – Critical Thinking Skills

This term critical thinking is banter about frequently. But what does it mean to have critical thinking skills? Well, it means that a person has the ability to analyse material and deconstruct it to understand how its specific impact is achieved through language and syntax. In the Trinity syllabus, students are required to rehearse and prepare for presentation and key-skills task. In the process, they will be able to hone their critical thinking and analytical skills.

No. 6 – Organisational Skills

Are you tired of supervising your child’s schedule? Is procrastination a habit you want your child to overcome? If your answer is ‘Yes’ for both or either questions then you have come to the right place. Our communication skills programme will teach your children to be more organised and methodical. They must learn to plan work in order to meet deadlines and targets. They are strongly encourage to develop the habit of monitoring their progress of work to ensure that they are on track to complete the grade and achieve a distinction in the Trinity exams. This is because being prepared and organised within the exam room is a key part of the assessment. Students are expected to research and prepare their presentations and take responsibility for the equipment and hard copy information required for the exams.

No. 5 – Working Under Pressure and To Deadlines

Each student in our programme must develop the ability to manage the workload that comes with deadlines and ensuring that they meet them. Excuses for not completing the required preparation is unacceptable and students who do not show commitment in completing the grade successfully will not proceed to the next grade level. This is necessary because the challenge of the Trinity exam environment requires each student to prepare accurately and fully together with the ability to respond quickly to new information and questioning.

No. 4 – Confidence

Believing in oneself and one’s abilities are the secrets to success in life. Having the mindset of ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t do it’ are strictly discouraged in our classes. Students are encouraged to develop a positive mindset rather than a negative one. The experience of preparing for performance, presenting and the exam can build students’ belief in themselves and their own abilities.

No. 3 – Creativity

Many say creativity cannot be taught, we bag to differ. In our Trinity Communication skills programme, students learn to apply knowledge from many different areas to solving a task. They also learn to develop creative responses to challenges and in doing so, create original and imaginative situations. The Trinity exam assess this skill area through the tasks that require students to express their own view and to take personal ownership of their ideas and knowledge.

No. 2 – Problem-Solving Skills

The ability to understand a problem by breaking it down into smaller parts, and identifying its key issues and implications so as to identify solutions will separate the leaders from the followers. Thus, many of the tasks in the Communication Skills exams focus on problem-solving skills. Students are assessed via verbal communication and with particular focus on their ability to respond quickly to new information.

No. 1 – Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Every one of us must be able to explain what we mean in a clear and concise way. We must also be able to listen and relate to people, and to act upon key information and instructions. This is the main aim of our communication skills programme. It is also central to the Trinity exams which conducts the assessment of effective verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Each task at each grade level encourages candidate to develop knowledge of and confidence in these skills. Through the reflection task and the discussion following each presentation, students develop their skills in listening and responding articulately, as well as self-analysis.

To every parent who is reading this blog post, I say to you – “Time is of the essence” – the ability to communicate early in life will result in success later in life. The best investment you can ever make for your child is to enroll them in our Communication Skills programme. I invite you to give us a call today. “Time and tide wait for no man” thus you should not wait to call us either.

Introduction to Trinity Communication Skills qualifications – Semester 2 is Now Opened for Registration



Trinity College London is a leading international exam board and independent education charity that has been providing assessments around the world since 1877. They specialise in the assessment of communicative and performance skills covering music, drama, combined arts and English Language. With over 850,000 candidates a year in more than 60 countries worldwide, Trinity qualifications are specially designed to help students progress. At the heart of Trinity’s work is the belief that effective communication and performance skills are life enhancing, know no boundaries and should be within reach of everyone.


J Carter Centre started in 2006 as a training consultancy specialising in communication skills and customer service training for front-line employees in different industries. In 2008 we started focusing on communication skills training for children and teens using techniques formally taught only in adult training. We soon gain recognition among parents as a leader in teaching communication skills to children and teens. Thus we made the decision to move away from adult training and to focus solely on educating students from K2 to JC/Polytechnic levels. In 2009, in order to elevated the credibility of our programmes, we decided to prepare our students for the Communication Skills Exams offered by Trinity College London. This is to ensure that our students not only learn the skill of speaking but also has an Internationally recognised Certificate from a renown examination board. Since then we have expanded our programmes to include Oral Exam Prep for P5/P6, The Art of Speaking and DSA Prep. To expand the learning horizon of our students, we have participated in events such as PY-MUNOFS and Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF). More exciting events relating to communication skills will be introduced yearly in order to provide opportunities for our students to become inspiring and confident speakers.


Trinity’s graded exams in Communication Skills are designed to support candidates to develop a range of transferable 21st Century communication skills that can have a positive impact in both education and the workplace. The exams assess the following skills through a range of contexts:

  • Verbal and non-verbal Communication skills
  • Conversation and discussion skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Research and reflection skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Persuasion and negotiation skills
  • Planning and preparation skills
  • Skills in using equipment and materials to aid communication
  • interpersonal skills

By working towards these exams, a range of other skills are developed that are highly valued by employers but are not assessed directly: self-motivation, ability to learn and adjust, working to deadlines and under pressure, teamwork, organisational skills, numeracy and IT skills.


Classes are group into four levels:

Entry – Initial 1 & 2

Level 1 – Grade 1, 2, 3

Level 2 – Grade 4, 5

Level 3 – Grade 6, 7, 8


We have been preparing students for Trinity Communication Skills exams since 2009 and we are regarded as one of the early pioneers to offer the communications skills syllabus to children and teens. We believe strongly in focusing on a niche area. Although Trinity College London offers many different exams, we decided early on to only focus on one – Communication Skills. As such we prepare a large number of students for the communication skills exam every year. We offer exams in June and November each year. To date, we have coached over 2000 students. Since 2011, our students have been invited to the Trinity College London Award Ceremony as an award recipient for achieving outstanding results in the Graded exams. This is truly a testament to the effectiveness of our programme.


Initial 1: (Primary 1) 
Sat 12:30~14:00 (FULL)
Sun 12:30~14:00 (5 pax)

Initial 2: (Primary 2) 
Fri 16:00~17:30 (4 pax)
Sat 14:30~16:00 (FULL)
Sun 12:30~14:00 (2 pax)

Grade 1: (Primary 3)
Thurs 17:30~19:00 (5 pax)
Fri 17:30~19:00 (4 pax)
Sat 10:00~11:30 (3 pax)
Sun 14:30~16:00 (FULL)

Grade 2: (Primary 4)
Tues 17:30~19:00 ( 6 pax)
Fri 17:30~19:00 (FULL)
Sat 10:00~11:30 (FULL)
Sun 10:00~11:30 (FULL)

Grade 3: (Primary 5/6)
Tues 15:45~17:15 (5 pax)
Sat 10:00~11:30 (2 pax)
Sat 12:30~14:00 (FULL)
Sun 10:00~11:30 (FULL)

Grade 4: (Sec 1/2)
Sat 14:30~16:00 (FULL)
Sun(1) 14:30~16:00 (2 pax) 
Sun(2)14:30 – 16:00 (FULL)

Grade 5: (Sec 3/4) 
Sun(1) 16:15~17:45 (1 pax)
Sun(2) 16:15~17:45 (FULL)

Grade 7 (JC/Poly) 
Sat 16:15~17:45 (FULL)
Sun 16:15~17:45 (1 pax)

Grade 8 (Prerequisite: Completed Grade 7) 
Tues 19:30~21:00 (2 pax)

Weekday classes enjoy $100 off course fee (except for Grade 8). Call 67372700 for registration details

June Holidays Workshops 2018: Public Speaking Works!


Let your child learn a valuable new skill this June holidays. Sign up for our signature workshop – PUBLIC SPEAKING WORKS! – avaliable for all age groups from K2 to Teens. It’s a great way for your children to have fun and learn at the same time. These are the remainding vacancies as of 30 April 2018:

June 6-June 8, Wed-Fri: 10 am to 1 pm – 5 places

May 31-June 1, Thurs-Fri: 10 am to 1 pm – FULL
June 12-June 13, Tues-Wed: 10 am to 1 pm – FULL

May 31-June 1, Thurs-Fri: 10 am to 1 pm – 5 places
June 12-June 13, Tues-Wed: 10 am to 1 pm – 3 places

June 6-June 8, Wed-Fri: 10 am to 1 pm – 7 places

June 19-June 21, Tues-Thurs: 10 am to 1 pm – 6 places

P6 – Oral Exam Preparation Workshop (NEW!)
June 19-June 21, Tues-Thurs: 10 am to 1 pm – 6 places

Please call 67372700 or email for instructions on how to sign up for the workshops.

Visit our website for more information about our programmes:

Congratulations to our 2017 High Achievers for LAMDA & Trinity Examinations


2017 May LAMDA Top in Solo Introductory Stage 3 - Fion Tan Ya
Fion Tan Ya – LAMDA Top in Solo Introductory Stage 3, May 2017: Student of Ms Ketti Tjhin

2017 May LAMDA Top In Grade 1 - Ariel Lau Zhiern (1)
Ariel Lau Zhiern – LAMDA Top in Grade 1, May 2017: Student of Ms Shirin Seah

2017 May LAMDA Top In Grade 2 - Karis Heng Kye Shyen
Karis Heng Kye Shyen –  LAMDA Top in Grade 2, May 2017

2017 May LAMDA Top In Grade 3 - Luke Wang Enze (1)
Luke Wang Enze – LAMDA Top in Grade 3, May 2017

2017 May Trinity Top In Grade 2- Muhammad Putera Abdullah Rosebi (1)
Muhammad Putera Abdullah Rosebi – Trinity Top in Grade 2, May 2017

2017 May Trinity Top in Grade 5 - Nicholas Yee Seng Cheung
Nicholas Yee Seng Cheng – Trinity Top in Grade 5, May 2017

2017 May Trinity Top in Grade 6 - Khua Yan Han Cedric
Khua Yan Han Cedric – Trinity Top in Grade 6, May 2017

2017 November LAMDA Top In Solo Introductory Stage Three - Cayden Chong Ming Xuan (1) crop
Cayden Chong Ming Xuan – LAMDA Top in Solo Introductory Stage 3, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Ketti Tjhin

2017 November LAMDA Top in Grade 1 - Tan Jing Quan Jaizer (3)
Tan Jing Quan – LAMDA Top in Grade 1, Nov 2017

2017 November LAMDA Top in Grade 2 - Ang Guo Xin George
Ang Guo Xin – LAMDA Top in Grade 2, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Shirin Seah

2017 November LAMDA Top in Grade 3 - Chow Li Kuan
Chow Li Kuan – LAMDA Top in Grade 3, Nov 2017

2017 November Trinity Top in Grade 2- Luke Wang Enze
Luke Wang Enze – Trinity Top in Grade 2, Nov 2017

2017 November Trinity Top In Grade 3 - Gauri Madhu
Gauri Madhu – Trinity Top in Grade 3, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Joyce Carter

2017 November Trinity Top in Grade 4- Majeethia Mihir Himanshu (1)
Majeethia Mihir Himanshu – Trinity Top in Grade 4, Nov 2017: Student of Ms Joyce Carter

2017 November Trinity Top in Grade 6- Joye Lim Qian Qi (1)
Joye Lim Qian Qi – Trinity Top in Grade 6, Nov 2017

2017 November Trinity Top In Grade 7 - Reyna Ong Siting
Reyna Ong Siting – Trinity Top in Grade 7, Nov 2017


Not shown – Hasel Soh Wan Qi – Trinity Top in Grade 5, Nov 2017














Congratulations to JulianTay for Achieving a GOLD at SPAF 2016!

We are proud to announce that our student Julian Tay has achieved a GOLD award for Public Speaking during the Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) 2016. Julian is a student of Ms Jackeline Carter and has been under her tutelage since 2014. He has constantly achieved Distinctions in his Trinity College London Communication Skills Examinations since Grade 4 and is currently working on completing Grade 8. We are all very proud of you!


Julian Tay with Carol Lamont (Adjudicator)

Trinity College London Communication Skills Examinations Results – May/June 2016

Once again our students at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking have achieved amazing results in the Trinity College London Communication Skills Examinations for May/June 2016. Congratulations to all of our students. I am very proud of your achievements. Thank you for your hard work. 

Jackeline Carter 


  1. Lakshana Kumar – Joint Top in Grade

  2. Leon Long Zeyu  – Joint Top in Grade

  3. Laranya Kumar – High Distinction

  4. Kelly Ong Si Hui – Distinction

  5. Carman Chew  – Distinction

  6. Charlene Chong Jia Xin – Distinction

  7. Long Zepeng – Distinction

  8. Toh Qian Qi –  High Merit

  9. Koh Bei Li – High Merit


  1. Michael Lang Li-Yuan – Top in Grade

  2. Julian Tay Yong Sheng – High Distinction

  3. Ng Yan Khai Ryan –  Distinction

  4. Yue Shi Quan Sean – Distinction       

Processed with VSCO
Michael Lang Li-Yuan


  1. Lau Shen-I – Top in Grade

  2. Loh Yih-Hang – High Distinction

  3. Maya Raisha Zainudin  – High Distinction

  4. Joanne Yate  – High Distinction

  5. Gabriel Alexander Wong Jun Yi – High Distinction

  6. Emmanuel Chong Chen Wei – Distinction

  7. Loh Xian Guo Bryan  – High Merit

  8. Loh Xian Yang Brendan – High Merit

Lau Shen-I


  1. Wee Li LIng Zara Grace –  Top in Grade

  2. Chong Rui Ting – High Distinction

  3. Sanshray Karthikeyan – High Distinction

  4. Xan Ng – Distinction

  5. Chong Chan How – Distinction

  6. Loh Li Ing Amelia – High Merit

  7. Jacob Tay Zhi Sheng – High Merit

  8. Stacey Jade Lo – Pass

Wee Li Ling Zara Grace


  1. Jermaine Ang (Hong Zhuomin) – Top in Grade

  2. Lim Xin Ni – High Distinction

  3. Alwyn Tok Hong Sheng – High Distinction

  4. Joye Lim Qian Qi – High Distinction

  5. Tan Wei Jun – High Distinction

  6. Khua Yan Han Cedric – High Distinction

  7. Chua Yaw Hong Frederick Vyner – Distinction

  8. Chong Kaelie – Distinction

  9. Hong Chun Yong Brendan – Distinction

  10. Nicholas Yee Sheng Cheung – Distinction

  11. Reyna Ong Si Ting – Distinction

  12. Stephanie Louisa Lo – Merit

Jermaine Ang (Hong Zhuomin)


  1. Jethro Lim Lei En – Joint Top in Grade

  2. Skylar Gen Johnson – Joint Top in Grade

  3. Koh Khee Png Mathew – High Distinction

  4. Yee En Ning – High Distinction

  5. Elizabeth Lang LI-Yuan – High Distinction

  6. Isaac Tay (Zheng Yiliang) – High Distinction

  7. Megan Lim Pei Xuan – High Distinction

  8. Janelle Teng Mei Xuan – High Distinction

  9. Darius Lye Ze Qi  – High Distinction

  10. Lim Sheeann  – Distinction

  11. Donald Chan Deng Tin – Distinction

Jethro Lim Lei En

If you would like to see your child achieve excellent results in communication skills, you can consider signing up in 2017. The 2017 schedule is now available. Do call our centre at 67372700 for information.



Overall Top Student: ONG YU XIAN -GRADE 8


  1. Wong Zhengwei – Distinction


  1. Lim Ting Li Nicole – Distinction
  2. Low Wey Hsuan – Distinction


  1. Long Zepeng – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Long Zeyu – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  3. Koh Bei Li – Distinction
  4. Toh Qian Qi – High Merit
  5. Charlene Chong Jiaxin – Merit


  1. Kumar Laranya – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Yip Xin Hong Kaizer – Joint Top in Grade – Distinction
  3. Chloe chua E-Shyan – Distinction
  4. Michael Lang Li Yuan – Distinction
  5. Carmen Chew – Distinction
  6. Kumar Lakshana – Distinction
  7. Yue Shi Min Grace – Merit
  8. Kwik Feng Yuan – Merit


  1. Nikhita Raj Terence – Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Julian Tay Yong Sheng – Distinction
  3. Ryan Ng Yan Khai – Distinction
  4. Curtis Aaron Chiu Min Ern – Distinction
  5. Sean Yue Shi Quan – Distinction
  6. Su Jing Long Brian – Distinction
  7. Lim Swee Sen Samuel – Distinction
  8. Lee Zhang Ze – Distinction
  9. Rama Venkatesh – Distinction


  1. Jimmy Lok Zoen Yhong – Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Tan Jen Kai – Distinction
  3. Emmanuel Chong Chen Wei – Distinction
  4. Jacob Tay Zhi Sheng – Distinction
  5. Edmund Su Ye Kai – Distinction
  6. Wong J-Min – High Merit
  7. TAn Tag Han – High Merit

Grade 3

  1. Khua Yan Han Cedric – Top in Grade – Distinction
  2. Zheng Zhixin – Distinction
  3. Zheng Zhihui – Distinction
  4. Isabelle Khang Loo Ping – Distinction
  5. Claudia Khang Loo An – Distinction
  6. Lim Xin Ni – Distinction
  7. Jermaine Ang – Merit

Congratulations to all of our students for doing so well in the exams.



We are happy to announce that two of our students in the Trinity Communication Skills program have achieve Top Distinction in Singapore for  their examinations in 2014. They are:

Chloe Chua E-Shyan – Grade 5

Long Zeyu – Grade 6

This is the second time J Carter Centre for Public Speaking has produced the Top Distinction Holders in Singapore. They will be receiving their award on 31 May 2015 at the Trinity College Conferment and Award Presentation Ceremony 2015.

Long Zeyu_TCL Award Ceremony Graded1 copy

Chloe Chua E-Shyan_TCL Award Ceremony Graded1 copy