My PSLE Journey – My Personal Challenge

 I am sure many of you are feeling very stressed as the PSLE, also known as Primary School Leaving Examination, draws near. PSLE means more homework, more assessment books, more continuous nagging, less computer time and the list goes on and on. It might seem very tough, but as the saying goes “Hard work will pay off”. With much effort and hard work, I am sure that you will be satisfied with your grades.

I am currently a Secondary Two student. I have experienced the tough PSLE Journey and it is definitely not easy. However, with the will and perseverance, I am sure you will succeed. Today I will be talking about PSLE.Firstly, I will be talking about my personal PSLE journey and the difficulties I faced. Secondly, I will be giving you some tips on how to score well in the PSLE, based on my personal experience. Let me first start by telling you about my arduous PSLE journey.

My PSLE journey was not all smooth sailing; there were lots of ups and downs. I was loaded with a plethora of revision exercises and had a strict revision schedule to follow. In Primary Six, I was suddenly loaded with lots of homework—PSLE Revision booklets, Past Year Papers and many many more. I also found myself going for more extra classes. My weekends were spent rushing around attending extra classes and rushing through a whole stack of homework. On weekdays, I would be revising through my work and frantically rushing through my homework. I am sure many of you are also experiencing this. As you can tell, extra classes and homework took up almost all of my time, leaving me with very little time or no to relax. Usually, after I finished my homework and revision that I had planned to do that day, it was already very late at night. I had no choice but to go and sleep, because I was worried that I would not be able to concentrate in school the next day. That left me with no time to relax. I also had no more entitlement. I could not read my books, watch my television or play my computer game. A few months before PSLE commenced, I stopped all my computer and television time so as to give me more time to revise. Even weekly trips to my grandmother’s house were cancelled. Besides that, I could not do what I enjoyed the most—reading. Basically, all the things that I enjoyed most were gone. I am sure many of you are undergoing these difficulties too. I also encountered many other difficulties during my PSLE journey and I am sure many of you can relate to it.

During the time leading up to the PSLE, I lacked the discipline. I would often be distracted easily, leaving my revision half done only. Discipline was one of the major problems I faced. I would often waste my time and while halfway studying, I would suddenly lose concentration and start daydreaming. There were time where I neglected my studies and went to play. I did not spend my time wisely and played when I could have done something more productive like revising. Competition might be pressurizing for some of you, especially when some of you are in the top few classes. In Primary Six, or even as early as Primary Five, I am sure many of you would have relatives or peers asking which Secondary schools you guys would want to enter. For those who are in the top few classes, there will definitely be competition to top schools. I was no different. Stress is one of the biggest problems faced during PSLE. It might be due to many factors, such as the overwhelming amount of homework or parents’ expectations. It is common to feel stressed. Stress might seem like a bad thing, but actually stress can be motivational. I felt stressed at some times but I also felt that it motivated me sometimes and pushed me to the best of my ability. These are some of the problems I faced during PSLE.

Now, I will be sharing with you some tips on how to overcome these difficulties, based on my experience. One of the important points is to do constant revision and exercises to improve accuracy. Burning the midnight oil and doing last minute revision is also not an option. Staying up late to study will mean a lack of sleep. This will cause you to be extremely tired for the exam and you will not be able to concentrate well. With little concentration, it will be difficult to do well in a paper, especially if it is a long paper. It is crucial to manage your time wisely. For example, you can plan a strict revision schedule and stick to it. There should be frequent short breaks included. It is not good to study continuously for too long, as you need to recharge yourself and make sure you are not too tired. Relaxing is also crucial. By relaxing, I mean taking a short power nap, or just taking a walk in the park. Playing computer games and watching television is highly discouraged because it will tire your eyes out. Perseverance is also a key point in leading to success. You should not feel discouraged if your results are not good. You should persevere on and make an effort to improve. Do not give up. You must have the courage to stand up and try again. Perform to the best of your ability. If you fail, do not be discouraged because you have already tried your very best. I hope these tips that I have given you are useful and you will put them to good use.

PSLE is a tough journey, with its many ups and downs. It is every child’s first major examination, and it marks an important milestone in a child’s life. With hard work and perseverance, I am sure you will succeed. I hope that I have been able to relate to you through my personal PSLE journey. I wish you all the best in your PSLE.

Grade 5 Speech by

Low Wey Hsuan

Nanyang Girls High

Sec 2



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