Gold Award for Verse Speaking – Joyce Zheng

We are happy to introduce another Gold Award Achiever for the category of Verse Speaking at the recent SPAF 2021. Congratulations to Joyce Zheng for her outstanding achievement. Everyone at J Carter Centre is very proud of you. You can watch her performance by clicking on the video below.

The Dragon by Kevin Mccann

Gold Award for Verse Speaking – JAMIE LEE (LI QIANMIN)

Another Gold award achiever for SPAF 2021! Congratulations Jamie for a wonderful achievement in Verse Speaking. We are all so proud of you at J Carter Centre for Public Speaking. Please enjoy the Jamie’s performance by clicking on the video below:

Verse Speaking: Attention to a Spider by John Coldwell

Gold Awards for Public Speaking & Verse Speaking -SPAF 2021 – Ella Loo

Congratulations to Ella Loo for achieving Double Gold at SPAF 2021. Watch her performances below. Well done Ella, we are so proud of your achievement!

Verse Speaking – The Dragon by Kevin Mccann
Topic: Physical exercise is good for the body and the mind
Audience: Members of the Chess Club CCA

Trinity College London Communication Skills Top Achievers for the Year 2020

Congratulations to all of our top achievers for the 2020 examinations. To achieve this position at J Carter Centre, students must score the highest percentage for their grade level and/or above 90% whichever is higher. They will receive a special trophy and their photo will be displayed on our ‘Wall of Fame’ at the reception area.

Trinity College London Communication Skills – Exam Results: Nov/Dec 2020

Trophies for Distinction Holders

2020 was a year of upheavals and difficulties trying to prepare our students for the Trinity College London Communication Skills exams. Considering the situation, we are happy to announce that our students managed to complete the year achieving excellent results in the examination. Many of our students had to complete two graded examinations within the same time period because of the postponement of the June exams. However, thanks to the teachers at J Carter Centre who conducted refresher lessons while at the same time teaching the regular classes, we were able to get our students ready to take the communication skills exams.

Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work. Extra ‘shout out’ to those students who achieved Distinctions in their exams.

Top in Grade – Solo Exam

Initial – Goh Yi Ting

Grade 1 – Alyssa Lam Shang Leen

Elizabeth Lu Yi Rong

– Meredith Erina Wong

Grade 2 – Lau Yhi Sun

– Kayla Low Kai En

Grade 3 – Elizabeth Choo Rong Le

– Sonya Ruth Tan

Grade 5 – Darius Chan Wing Yew

Grade 6 – Lang Wen Ling Laura

Grade 7 – Poon Ky-Shan

Grade 8 – Sean Tey Yi- Shuen

Top in Grade – Group Exam

Grade 4 – Lock Ming Yeung Walter

– Heng Teng Kiat Kayden

– Cayden Chong Ming Xuan

High Distinction – Solo Exam

Grade 3 – Jenson Foo Jheng Kiat

– Kuo Shou Yi

– Leah Sasayiah

– Lock Ming Yeung Walter

Grade 6 – Wong Zen Joi Lionel

Grade 7 – Lang Wen Ling Laura

Grade 8 – Augustine Chong Jun Xuan

– Meng Fantian

Distinction – Solo Exam


Blake Lim Yang Rui

Cheung Jeann

Ishan Moosa

Mahasacca Samadhi Murdaya

Peh Zi Xin Janelle

Sayf Khaliq Sophian Hadi

Sophia Isabella Tidswell

Grade 1

Lai Yi Xuan Kyler

Lok Si Nign Zenith

Looi Jernynn

Sophia Kua Jia Ying

Yu Xhe Song Michael

Zhang Ruian

Zhang Ruining

Grade 2

Alyssa Lam Shang Leen

Chiu Kai Wen Caellum

Emily Ng Min Qi

Jane Ooi Shin Yi

Lee Ming En

Leem Jia En

Lock Ming Zeon Warren

Lok Si Ning Zenith

Yu Zhe Song Michael

Shriyaa Dinesh

Theone Liew Hui En

Grade 3

Chua Yi Xuan

Devin Ding Yuxuan

Ell Loo Yunfei

Fan Yuankai Justin

Goh Zi Han

Heng Teng Kiat Kayden

Jamie Lee (Li Qianmin)

Jane Ooi Shin Yi

Li Wu

Liang Tianxin Jasmine

Lim Yee Hern Caleb

Lim Yih Tat, Lucas

Loh Si Woei Thora

Zheng Qiyue Joyce

Grade 4

Chia Ze lyn Tricia

Chua Zi Ein

Ellicia Sevita Shunmugam

Giselle Chiam Kai Ting

Gwen Tey Yijuen

Kyle Lim Liangyu

Prinaka Lala

Grade 5

Chen Bohao

Chua Zi Ein

Elena Ng Sze Hwee

Ernest Tan En-Rae

Felicia Duwana

Liu Jiayue

Tan Guang Yi

Tan Jing Quan Jaizer

Wang Yijie

Grade 6

Alaniah Imaan Ong

Chuah Ee Jay

Claire Lim Yi Hui

Enya Loo Yingshan

Gong Zekai

Lau Linn-I

Li Yiheng

Lim Kai Jun

Tan Guang Yi

Grade 7

Andrew Jonathan Lee

Claire Lim Yi Hui

Ryan Nathaniel Thesman

Tharani Nedumaran

Grade 8

Chuah Ee Zen

Lau Shen-I

Leong Yuk Seng Gordon

Distinction – Group Exam

Grade 4

Wong Bohui

Wong Boxi

Ng En Rui

Fiona Chua (Cai Siting)

Li Wu

Prajna Mahaviriya Murdaya

Makayla Loh Chao Lin

Elizabeth Choo Rong Le

Allison Rae Yeoh

Tan Liu Yui Megan

Ethan Foo Fang Teng

Overall Results for Nov/Dec 2020

Solo Examinations

Top in Grade: 13

High Distinctions: 17

Distinctions: 62

High Merits: 68

Merits: 16

Pass: 1

Group Examinations

Top in Grade: 1 group

Distinctions: 3 groups

Merit: 3 groups

Nov/Dec 2020 Holiday Workshops-Early Bird Specials

Art of Speaking – Overview

Holiday workshops are a great way for students to learn new skills in the area of performing in front of an audience or to excel in speaking festivals and competitions. At J Carter Centre, we have been preparing students for the Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) since 2017. Students participate in different categories such as verse speaking, storytelling, impromptu speaking, public speaking and many more. Our students have been achieving wonderful results at the festival over the years and some have gone on to represent their schools in speaking and debating competitions. Achievements at the festival are also a great way to build up a child’s portfolio for the DSA-SEC selection portfolio. Although not every student wants to participate in speaking festivals, learning the skills to speak confidently in front of others is always useful and a necessary talent in today’s competitive society. These workshops have been designed into short courses where students can choose to focus on specific areas of speaking in a fun and engaging way. Click below for schedule or  to register:

For New Students:

Verse Speaking

“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” — William Wordsworth, from “Preface to Lyrical Ballads.”

A fun way to learn verse recitation where students are introduced to the beauty of poems. Techniques learned involved Vocal expressiveness, facial expressions and gestures. Students will also be taught to understand the meaning in poems. Click on the link to watch some of our students reciting poetry:

Ages 6-7 24-25 Nov 202010 am to 1 pm
Ages 8-924-25 Nov 202010 am to 1 pm
Ages 10 -1130 Nov- 1 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Early Bird: $298 (Ends 30 Sept 2020)
Regular: $348
New student Registration: $40


“Stories are the most powerful form of human communication.”— Peg C. Neuhauser, author, Corporate Legends and Lore

Learning to tell a story is a great way to learn how to perform to an audience and to convey a message in an entertaining manner. Everyone loves to listen to a story and it is even better to be able to tell one with gusto. Storytelling is a great way for students to learn to use vocal variation, facial and body language to bring a story to life for an audience. Click on the link to watch some of our students telling a story:

Ages 6-7 26-27 Nov 202010 am to 1 pm
Ages 8-926-27 Nov 202010 am to 1 pm
Ages 10 -113-4 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Early Bird: $298 (Ends 30 Sept 2020)
Regular: $348
New student Registration: $40

Impromptu Speaking

Life is a series of presentations and most of these are usually unscripted. Perhaps the most challenging form of speaking is to speak spontaneously. In truth all the world’s a stage and we are always performing whether to one person or to many. This workshop will teach your child to use a simple technique to speak without scripts relying more on their personal experiences and knowledge in order to share information and experiences on various topics.

Ages 8-9 30 Nov -1 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Ages 10-113-4 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Early Bird: $298 (Ends 30 Sept 2020)
Regular: $348
New student Registration: $40

Public Speaking

“Words mean more than what is set on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” – Maya Angelou, author & poet

Public Speaking is a life skill everyone should aim to master no matter the age. Speeches come in many forms but persuasive speaking is perhaps the most useful and necessary form of public speaking that we must all learn to do if we want to convince others to understand our point of view.  Students will learn to craft and deliver a persuasive speech to an intended audience. Verbal and non-verbal techniques will also be taught in this workshop.  Click on the link to watch some of our students deliver a speech:

Ages 8-9 7-8 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Ages 10-1110-11 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Early Bird: $298 (Ends 30 Sept 2020)
Regular: $348
New student Registration: $40
Ages 12-13 7-8 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Ages 14-1610-11 Dec 202010 am to 1 pm
Early Bird: $348(Ends 30 Sept 2020)
Regular: $398
New student Registration:$40

Direct School Admissions (DSA-SEC) Overview

We offer intensive DSA preparation for Primary 5 students. Lessons are taught over 5 days and each lesson is 3 hours. At the end of the workshop, students will receive detailed feedback and videos of the interviews and various activities carried out during the workshop. The DSA workshop will strengthen the communications skills of each student and provide them with the information and skill to perform confidently in front of a panel of interviewers. The workshop will cover the following areas and more:

  • Matching talent to schools and domains
  • Presentation skills
  • Impromptu speaking 
  • Group discussions
  • Problem solving activities
  • Viewpoint essay writing
  • Portfolio
  • Interview etiquette
  • Mock interviews
Primary 530 Nov-4 Dec 20202 pm to 5 pm
Primary 57-11 Dec 20202 pm to 5 pm
Early Bird: $898(Ends 30 Sept 2020)
Reg: $998
New student registration: $40

PSLE Oral Exam Prep

In these workshops, we share our proven oral techniques that have helped many students ace this challenging exam. The workshop will help your child improve their ability to read expressively and converse knowledgeably.To sustain the interest of the students, the lessons will be taught using exciting and informative videos, text, visuals and activities. The workshops are taught in three phases with each phase covering 5 different oral topics. Students can choose to register for one or more phases.

The workshops will offer the following benefits to the learner: 

  • In-depth information on 15 topics that commonly appear in Prelims and PSLE exams.
  • Develop opinions while expressing them in a confident and succinct manner using good phrases and proper sentence structure.
  • Learn essential reading techniques using our special PAFER-(P) method to deliver a well-paced, fluent reading of a passage.
Phase 125-27 Nov 20202 pm to 5 pm
Phase 22-4 Dec 20202 pm to 5 pm
Phase 39-11 Dec 20202 pm to 5 pm
Early Bird: $498 (Ends 30 Sept 2020)
Reg: $548
New student registration: $40

If you have any questions, you may call 67372700 during centre hours:

Opening Hours

Tue: 4pm – 7pm  Wed – Fri: 3pm – 7pm

Sat: 10am-4pm Sun: 10am – 6pm

Closed on Monday and public holidays

Click below for schedule or  to register:

For New Students:

Gold Award for Verse Speaking – Gloria Leong

Introducing our student Gloria Leong. At SPAF 2020 Gloria recited a poem titled ‘Shadow Collector’. She performed very well and was given a Gold Award. This is the second year Gloria has participated in SPAF. Last year, she achieved Gold Awards in Verse Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, and Storytelling. Congratulations Gloria, we are so proud of you.

Gold Award in Verse Speaking – Ved Patel

The Gold Awards keep coming! Here is another Gold Award achiever for Verse Speaking. He is Ved Patel and he is in a rush to recite his poem, ‘Rushing’. Ved participated in SPAF 2020 for the very first time and achieved wonderful results. We are all so proud of him!

Gold Star Award in Verse Speaking – Atharv Joshi

Atharv Joshi – GOLD STAR AWARD for Verse Speaking at SPAF 2020. Atharv is one of our most amazing speakers. Whether he is reciting a poem or telling a story, he is able to bring his words to life while entertaining his audience. This is Atharv second Gold Star award from SPAF. Last year he received a Gold Star Award for storytelling. Atharv you make your teachers so proud of your achievements. Well done!

Yum Zhi Hong – Gold Award Verse Speaking

We are so proud to introduce another Gold Award achiever in verse speaking at SPAF 2020 from J Carter Centre. He is Yum Zhi Hong. Listen to his poem titled ‘Who’s afraid?’ and be ‘Wow’ by cuteness! We are so proud of you Zhi Hong!

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