SPAF 2018 – Our Achievements at Singapore Performing Arts Festival

After months of preparation, students from J Carter Centre for Public Speaking were finally able to showcase their speaking and performing abilities at Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) 2018. A total of 52 students ranging from ages 7 years to 16 years represented our centre at the festival. This yearly festival is organised by MS Works Pte Ltd and we have been sponsoring the cash awards for the best speaker/performer since 2017.


This year, being the 10th Aniversary of J Carter Centre for Public Speaking, our founder, Jackeline Carter decided to increase the cash awards and supported more classes at the festival. In total, $900 worth of cash awards were given out. The sponsored classes were public speaking, impromptu speaking, storytelling, verse speaking and creative writing. The festival which was held on July 28 and 29 had 650 participants from Singapore and Johore. The ability level of the students was higher than in 2017 which is a testament to the growing popularity of this festival.


The results achieved by our students exceeded our expectations and we would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the festival. Special appreciation goes to the parents who put in extra effort to assist in preparing their children for the festival. In 2017, we sent 22 students for Public Speaking and Impromptu Speaking and in 2018 we decided to double the numbers to include our little ones who participated in verse speaking and storytelling as well.


The courage displayed by all the students was amazing. In front of adjudicators, parents, teachers and guests, each student spoke with enthusiasm. Although some faltered due to nervousness, no one gave up and everyone completed their speech or performance to the best of their ability. Awards were given out in the form of Gold Star, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Parents were advised not to admonish their children if they did not achieve a Gold but to celebrate their bravery for standing in front of an audience of friends, family and strangers to perform at their very best. It is because of this encouraging atmosphere that J Carter Centre loyally supports and participates in this yearly event. The eyes of the audience were also opened to how this festival was able to motivate their children to reach the next level of speaking and performance.


Overall our students were able to achieve 3 Gold Stars, 29 Gold, 35 Silver and 24 Bronze. We are very proud of them. As for the best speakers for the 9 classes that we sponsored, 5 of our students managed to receive the cash awards. The results are as follows:

Creative Writing
Class 6 –    Cayla Lee Xin En (student of J Carter Centre)
Class 7 –    Chan Yi Yi

Impromptu Speaking
Class 21 –    Sarah Limb Jia Jing (student of J Carter Centre)
Class 22 –    Leong Yu Lin Jonell (student of J Carter Centre)

Performance Arts Solo
Class 6 –    Ian Lai Kui Feng (student of J Carter Centre)
Class 7 –    Ganesh Mani Vannan

Public Speaking
Class 1 –    Mithran Thevindran
Class 2 –    Lang Wen Ling Laura (student of J Carter Centre)

Verse Speaking
Class 14 –    Chan Yan Xin

Cayla Lee Xin En – Creative Writing, Class 6
Sarah Limb Jia Jing – Impromptu Speaking, Class 21
Leong Yu Lin Jonell – Impromptu Speaking, Class 22
Ian Lai Kui Feng – Performance Arts: Storytelling, class 6
Lang Wen Ling Laura – Public Speaking, Class 2

Although we did not sponsor the Teen classes, special mention goes to our student Maya Raisha Zainudin for achieving a Gold Star for Impromptu Speaking – Class 24 and a Gold for Public Speaking – Class 4. Maya is a graduate of J Carter Centre and she has completed her Grade 8 Trinity Certificate in Communication Skills in May 2018. She started her public speaking journey with us at the age of 9 years and completed the full course of the programme at the age of 16 years. She was personally coached by our founder, Jackeline Carter from the very beginning and was specially invited by her to participate in SPAF 2018 representing J Carter Centre for the Teen classes in the areas of Public Speaking and Impromptu Speaking. Well done Maya!

Maya Raisha Zainudin – Gold Star: Impromptu Speaking Class 24

We are now looking towards preparing for the next Festival and we are keen to groom a new group of students to represent J Carter Centre for Public Speaking at SPAF 2019. If your child has the following qualities, do not hesitate to give us a call:

  • Verbal and Spontaneous in front of an audience
  • Some experience in Speech and Drama, Storytelling and/or Public Speaking/Communication Skills
  • Willing to devote 12 weeks to train and prepare seriously for SPAF 2019
  • Must be willing to participate in 3 out of 5 speaking/writing events, namely, verse speaking, storytelling, public speaking, impromptu speaking and creative writing
  • This special training is only for students who will be 9, 10 or 11 years old in 2019.
  • Training starts in January 2019 and ends in April 2019.  SPAF 2019 will be at the end of July. Students in this special class must be prepared to return in early July for extra practise sessions.
  • Selection for this special class will be made by the founder and all decisions will be final. Please call 67372700 for more information on course fee if you are keen to register for this class.




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