Gold Award for Creative Writing – Devin Ding

Congratulations to our student Devin Ding for achieving a Gold Award for Creative Writing at this year’s SPAF 2021. All of us at J Carter Centre is so proud of your achievement. You can read his wonderful story below:

An Act of Kindness By Devin Ding

“Help!” A familiar voice rang out. Noting that the sound was coming from the other side of the park, I limped towards the source of the noise. Hiding behind the bushes, I peered over them…

“Are you done yet?” My brother shouted up the stairs. “Almost done! “I replied. I bolted down the stairs to join my brother. It was an average Sunday morning, and the sun was shining majestically. “The perfect weather to rollerblade, “I thought. Clad in protective gear, I was ready to roller skate with my brother. “Let’s go! And last one to the lake is a rotten egg!” He sped off, leaving me grumbling about the unfair head start he got. I soon followed him, determined to make him succumb to defeat! Soon, I was gaining on him, and we were still a distance away from the lake. “Oof!” I crashed into a bush. I had failed to notice the innocuous stone in the middle of the path until the very last minute where I swerved right and crashed into the bushes. “Looks like I’m the rotten egg again!” I sighed.

Getting up, I felt something trickling down my leg. I looked down, only to see vermilion blood all over my knee. Taking my gear off and placing them into a small bag, I made my way to the toilet and managed to clean my wound. I then placed a plaster over it. Resting on the bench, I looked off into the distance, lost in my reverie. “Help!” a voice screamed, breaking me from my trance. The voice was familiar, but I could not make out the owner of the voice. Worried, I made my way to the source of the sound and hid behind some bushes. Peering through the gap in the bushes, I screamed internally in horror. Sarah, my classmate was being bullied by Jake, our school bully! Must have been because Sarah told our teacher what Jake was doing behind their backs. Though I was larger than him, he was known to put up scuffle with anybody and in the process, seriously hurting them! If I decided to confront him, I would be beaten like piñatas!

I was caught in a moral dilemma as I pondered what to do. “Go and help Sarah, Sam.” A voice in my head said, “You should stand up to bullies and help your classmates.” “But what if he hurts me? “I murmured, waiting for a response. However, the voice was no more, reduced to a mere echo in my head. “Okay, I shall help her.” With that, I stood up walked into the open field.

“Stop picking on her, you bully!” I shouted at Jake, who turned his head around and looked at me in shock. All of a sudden, he threw his head back and hollered with laughter. “You think you can stop me, wimp? Of course not! Stop trying to be the hero!” He replied maliciously, amused by my sudden outburst. However, I was not at all affected by his untrue words. “No, you are the wimp! You bully others because you just want people to know that you are strong, but you’re not!” “How dare you…” With that, he charged at me, his fists raised.

The blow never came, and I slowly peeked out of the tiny slits in my eyelids. “Sorry, sir!” Jake was apologising meekly. Looking around, I could see my headmaster, towering over Jake, arms akimbo. Turning towards me, he smiled kindly. “Are you okay? I am proud that you stood up to Jake!” he said, before turning to Jake, his face stern again, and said, “As for you, I will call your parents!” Mumbling, I said I was okay. “Thanks, Sam! Thanks for helping me!” Sarah said gratefully.

I then walked home with my brother, who had a perplexed look on his face as he had searched for me around the park but had not found me until now. As I related the incident to him, he gaped in awe and patted me on the shoulder said, “Whoa, brother! You stood up to Jake? Cool! He will know never to mess with us again!”

Gold Star Award in Creative Writing ‘Dream’ by Allison Rae Yeoh


We are extremely excited to announce that our student Allison Rae Yeoh has achieved a Gold Star Award at SPAF 2020. This is an amazing achievement as she was the only Gold Star recipient for her age category this year. We are so proud of her and we would like you to read her entertaining story about a boy wizard. The title of her story is ‘Dream’.


“Ugh! Why is this happening to me?” I cried when I tried to change a stone into a chocolate bar, only succeeding to explode a jar. My name is Harry Patter, the Exploder. I am at a wizard school to learn magic. Now, I am trying a simple transformation spell but I still could not master it. Sighing, I flopped on my bed and imagined myself graduating from school. Nonetheless, it was hopeless as I was still in the lowest level!

The next day, I got detention for accidentally making another explosion and setting fire to the teacher’s beard. Glumly, I sat in the naughty corner, waiting for break time so I could go play.

Unfortunately, as soon as I went out for break, everyone stopped chattering and fingers pointed at me. Whispers of scorn could be heard. My heart became heavier by the minute and tears threatened to burst out. When the bully came over and teased me in a pathetic vice. It was too much. I gave a little sob and made a beeline for the big tree in the school garden and bawled my eyes out.

After what seemed like days, I finally stopped bawling and glanced around. The air smelled fresh and sweet and birds fluttered through the trees. This garden was special because it was full of nature.

Soon, my eyelids began to flutter and my body decided to take forty winks. Today, I dreamt whilst I slept.

Unusually, my dream today was about me becoming the most powerful wizard in the universe! When I woke up, I felt different. Unexpectedly, I raised my hand and yelled, “Huzzah!”. As usual, nothing happened. Feeling embarrassed at myself, I began to walk back to the main building of the school.

As I entered my class, the teacher’s stony glance told me I was late. Ignoring everyone, I strolled to my seat and sat down

One uninteresting hour later, our teacher finally finished her lecture. “Class, go work on your transformation spell!” she instructed. Cries of joy came from the class as they sped to get their objects.

Soon, everyone had finished except me. Taking a deep breath, I shouted at the top of my voice, “Watch me!” Everyone turned in surprised and looked in my direction. Sheepishly, I stared at the object and muttered the spell.

The class burst into laughter as nothing happened. Feeling angry, I muttered the spell again. Suddenly, pink dust came from my wand and hit the stone, turning it into a bar of chocolate.

There was a moment of stunned silence during which I had a triumphant smile on my face. I did it!

A few years later, I graduated from school and became the most powerful and feared wizard in the universe and to think that my powers came from a dream!

Finally everything changed. From the most unpopular kid in the school to the most powerful wizard in the universe. From one dream. Just one.

A HAUNTED LIBRARY- by Leem Jia En Gold Award in Creative Writing


We are extremely elated to announce that our student Leem Jia En has achieved a GOLD Award for Creative Writing at SPAF 2020. This is a great achievement on her part and we are very proud of her. We would like to share her story with all of you. It is titled ‘A Haunted Library’.


“Ding ding ding…” the school bell rang as it was recess time. I rushed out the classroom with my best friend, Lily. Lily loves to read books and we decided to head to the library as we were feeling full. Gleaming rows of books lined the shelves as we entered the library. We went to her favourite section of the books – on Animals.

While, we are immersed into our books, we heard something… “Click clack…. Click clack….” We looked nervously around but there was no one else besides the both of us. Goosebumps appeared on my arms as I stared at what it might be. As the sounds of the keys get closer, it made us even more frightened. “Stay calm…” Lily muttered. We ran pell-mell helter-skelter towards the door but no matter how hard we tried; we could not open the door. All of a sudden, it went pitch black. “Oh, come on!” I cried as we sat there. Our faces were a mask of horror. We could practically hear our own heart pounding like drums.

“Who is there?” Lily yelled out, fear making her voice squeak. A wall of silence greeted us, I wanted to run off but was determined not to be the first to run. Bang! Suddenly a door banged somewhere, and I heard a loud hacking cough. Squeezing our eyes shut, Lily and I held onto each other and screamed our heads off. “What are you girls doing?” she hollered! We opened our eyes and stared at the white figure that just spoke. She had messy hair and was holding a pen and book. She glared at us like an angry bull. Lily and I tried climbing out the library window since we could not open the door. Just then, we realised the white figure was our teacher, Mrs Tan….

Shamefaced, we apologised to the teacher and she unlocked the library door, walking out furiously. She took down our names and hurried us back to our classroom. Till now, we still don’t know why the library door was locked.

Singapore Performing Arts Festival 2020 will be going Online! Register Today!


J Carter Centre for Public Speaking will be sponsoring cash awards for Singapore Performing Arts (SPAF 2020). Due to the COVID-19 situation, the organisers have decided to go online this year. We will be offering CASH AWARDS in 4 main categories. The Star Gold performer in our sponsored categories will receive $50 cash. There will be a total of 30 cash awards to be given out this year.

We are encouraging you to register your child to participate in this festival because there are hardly any opportunities for your children to participate in any form of competitions this year. The certificates from the festival can help to build up your child’s portfolio for DSA for achievements and activities outside of school.

We will be sponsoring the following categories for cash awards:

  1. Public Speaking Solo
  2. Storytelling Solo
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Verse Speaking

This year, there will not be an Impromptu Speaking Category. For more information and to register online, you can go to this website: https://msworks.sg/152

If you are in need of any clarification, you can contact the organisers at SPAF@msworks.sg

See you Online at SPAF 2020!

We are Sponsoring the Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF 2019) Again! Register Online Today!

SPAF 2018

It’s time to register for SPAF 2019! Our students performed so well last year that we have decided to sponsor the festival again. This time we will be offering CASH AWARDS in 15 categories ranging from 6 years to 16 years. The Star Gold performer in our sponsored categories will receive $100 cash. 

We are encouraging you to register your child to participate in this festival on July 27 & 28. The sponsored categories are:

  1. Public Speaking Solo – Ages 8 to 16 years
  2. Storytelling Solo – Ages 6 to 12 years
  3. Creative Writing – Ages 6 to 12 years
  4. Verse Speaking – Ages 6 to 11 years
  5. Impromptu Speaking – Ages 8 to 16 years

During the festival, students must stand on the performance space to speak in front of an audience. The adjudicator will be present to assess each participant. A certificate (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and a written report will be given to every participant. 

This is a great opportunity for your child to use their speaking skills and to elevate their self-confidence and to build up their portfolio of achievements for Direct School Admissions (DSA). With the new online registration portal, students are allowed to submit up to 10 non-school based awards/activities related to the selected talent area. SPAF certificates qualifies for Public Speaking, Drama, Language Arts and Creative Writing talent areas. Parents will also have an opportunity to watch their children perform by purchasing Observers Passes. 

You can register online from the organiser’s website by clicking on this link: https://www.msworks.sg/130

If you are in need of any clarification, you may contact the organisers at  SPAF@msworks.sg



SPAF 2018 – Our Achievements at Singapore Performing Arts Festival

After months of preparation, students from J Carter Centre for Public Speaking were finally able to showcase their speaking and performing abilities at Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) 2018. A total of 52 students ranging from ages 7 years to 16 years represented our centre at the festival. This yearly festival is organised by MS Works Pte Ltd and we have been sponsoring the cash awards for the best speaker/performer since 2017.


This year, being the 10th Aniversary of J Carter Centre for Public Speaking, our founder, Jackeline Carter decided to increase the cash awards and supported more classes at the festival. In total, $900 worth of cash awards were given out. The sponsored classes were public speaking, impromptu speaking, storytelling, verse speaking and creative writing. The festival which was held on July 28 and 29 had 650 participants from Singapore and Johore. The ability level of the students was higher than in 2017 which is a testament to the growing popularity of this festival.


The results achieved by our students exceeded our expectations and we would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the festival. Special appreciation goes to the parents who put in extra effort to assist in preparing their children for the festival. In 2017, we sent 22 students for Public Speaking and Impromptu Speaking and in 2018 we decided to double the numbers to include our little ones who participated in verse speaking and storytelling as well.


The courage displayed by all the students was amazing. In front of adjudicators, parents, teachers and guests, each student spoke with enthusiasm. Although some faltered due to nervousness, no one gave up and everyone completed their speech or performance to the best of their ability. Awards were given out in the form of Gold Star, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Parents were advised not to admonish their children if they did not achieve a Gold but to celebrate their bravery for standing in front of an audience of friends, family and strangers to perform at their very best. It is because of this encouraging atmosphere that J Carter Centre loyally supports and participates in this yearly event. The eyes of the audience were also opened to how this festival was able to motivate their children to reach the next level of speaking and performance.


Overall our students were able to achieve 3 Gold Stars, 29 Gold, 35 Silver and 24 Bronze. We are very proud of them. As for the best speakers for the 9 classes that we sponsored, 5 of our students managed to receive the cash awards. The results are as follows:

Creative Writing
Class 6 –    Cayla Lee Xin En (student of J Carter Centre)
Class 7 –    Chan Yi Yi

Impromptu Speaking
Class 21 –    Sarah Limb Jia Jing (student of J Carter Centre)
Class 22 –    Leong Yu Lin Jonell (student of J Carter Centre)

Performance Arts Solo
Class 6 –    Ian Lai Kui Feng (student of J Carter Centre)
Class 7 –    Ganesh Mani Vannan

Public Speaking
Class 1 –    Mithran Thevindran
Class 2 –    Lang Wen Ling Laura (student of J Carter Centre)

Verse Speaking
Class 14 –    Chan Yan Xin

Cayla Lee Xin En – Creative Writing, Class 6

Sarah Limb Jia Jing – Impromptu Speaking, Class 21

Leong Yu Lin Jonell – Impromptu Speaking, Class 22

Ian Lai Kui Feng – Performance Arts: Storytelling, class 6

Lang Wen Ling Laura – Public Speaking, Class 2

Although we did not sponsor the Teen classes, special mention goes to our student Maya Raisha Zainudin for achieving a Gold Star for Impromptu Speaking – Class 24 and a Gold for Public Speaking – Class 4. Maya is a graduate of J Carter Centre and she has completed her Grade 8 Trinity Certificate in Communication Skills in May 2018. She started her public speaking journey with us at the age of 9 years and completed the full course of the programme at the age of 16 years. She was personally coached by our founder, Jackeline Carter from the very beginning and was specially invited by her to participate in SPAF 2018 representing J Carter Centre for the Teen classes in the areas of Public Speaking and Impromptu Speaking. Well done Maya!

Maya Raisha Zainudin – Gold Star: Impromptu Speaking Class 24

We are now looking towards preparing for the next Festival and we are keen to groom a new group of students to represent J Carter Centre for Public Speaking at SPAF 2019. If your child has the following qualities, do not hesitate to give us a call:

  • Verbal and Spontaneous in front of an audience
  • Some experience in Speech and Drama, Storytelling and/or Public Speaking/Communication Skills
  • Willing to devote 12 weeks to train and prepare seriously for SPAF 2019
  • Must be willing to participate in 3 out of 5 speaking/writing events, namely, verse speaking, storytelling, public speaking, impromptu speaking and creative writing
  • This special training is only for students who will be 9, 10 or 11 years old in 2019.
  • Training starts in January 2019 and ends in April 2019.  SPAF 2019 will be at the end of July. Students in this special class must be prepared to return in early July for extra practise sessions.
  • Selection for this special class will be made by the founder and all decisions will be final. Please call 67372700 for more information on course fee if you are keen to register for this class.




We are Sponsoring SPAF 2018! $900 in Cash Vouchers to be given away to the Best Performers.

SPAF 2018


Once again, J Carter Centre for Public Speaking will be sponsoring SPAF 2018. A total of $900 in cash vouchers will be given out to the best performers. We will be sponsoring the following categories:


  1. Class 1 (Age 8-9 years)
  2. Class 2 (Age 10-11 years)


  1. Class 6 (Age 6-9 years)
  2. Class 7 (Age 10-12 years)


  1. Class 10 (Age 6-9 years)
  2. Class 11 (Age 10-12 years)


  1. Class 14 (Age 6-7 years)


  1. Class 21 (Age 8-9 years)
  2. Class 22 (Age 10-11 years)

For more information on registering for this exciting event, please go to SPAF 2018 event page by clicking here: https://msworks.sg/108

Schools offering Communication/English Domain under DSA scheme

On April 8, 2016 – MOE has announced, “The Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme will be reviewed to recognise achievements and talents in specific areas – which was its original objective – instead of general academic ability.”

Like many parents, I was worried that it could mean denying a large group of students from the DSA scheme. For the last 8 years, I have been coaching many students on their speaking and interviewing skills and the majority of students that pass through my centre opted for the Academic domain when applying for DSA to the schools of their choice. I was silently praying that the changes would not be implemented until next year.

On May 9, schools across Singapore posted information on DSA selection criteria on their school website and I have to say it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Some schools did take away the Academic domain but they replaced it with domains related to it. For example, River Valley High School introduced “Communication” as a new option. For schools retaining Academic domains, they were asking for talent and qualifications in specific academic related areas – such as participation in Speech, Storytelling, Debates and Writing competitions under the English domain.

I am happy  for the majority of students who have come through my doors over the years because their LAMDA Speaking in Public or Trinity Communications Skills International Certification in Graded Exams can now play an even bigger role in helping them succeed in Direct School Admissions.

For  parents with younger children who may consider opting for these domains in the future, my advice to you is to start investing time and effort improving your children’s skills in Public Speaking, Spoken English, Storytelling, Debating and Creative Writing in order to build their portfolio in these areas. To help you, I have compiled a chart listing all the secondary schools which offer domains related to communication skills. I have also created a list of certifications and competitions that your child can participate in so as to boost their abilities in these areas.

Do bear in mind that primary schools do not always offer these competition experiences to every student. As a parent you have to speak to your child’s form teacher and tell her that you want your child to be considered for these competitions. As I come across more competitions, I will update the information in my blog.


Domain – Literary Arts

  • Creative Writing Portfolio (4 to 10 original works completed in the last 12 months)
  • Personal Story of 500 words (describe an event or incident which has made an impact on them or someone close to them)
  • Published Works/Relevant Credentials (Optional)

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Able to demonstrate interest and talent beyond the abilities of students in the same age group and/or have a history of consistent high academic achievements in English.

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Demonstrate interest and talent in English Language beyond the abilities of children in your age group, and/or have a history of consistently high academic achievement.

Domain – Communication / Literacy (English)

  • Candidates should possess strong communication skills with achievements in writing or speaking in English
  • Achievements at the national/international level would be an advantage. Applicants will need to attach evidence of achievement at an appropriate platform that illustrates a high level of competence.

Domain – Academic (English)

  • 80% or higher score (or 70% or higher score for Gifted Education Programme students) for P5 Overall and P6 Mid-Year Examination or its equivalent,
  • Special Achievements in English Language

Domain – NA

  • Academic excellence and potential
  • Leadership qualities
  • Active participation in CCAs
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to be both a team player and an independent learner
  • Sound character: has integrity and is responsible, resilient and compassionate

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Special achievements in English
  • Attained excellent outcomes for national and international competitions and proficiency assessments;
  • Demonstrated contributions to the advancement or spread of knowledge in English.

Domain – Academic (Languages)

  • Excellent academic results for P5 overall and P6 Mid-Year Examination or its equivalent, and
  • Participation and achievements (e.g. competitions) in the talent areas applying for:
    – Languages
  • Shortlisted students will be requested to bring their portfolio of work for the interview

Domain – Creative Expression Talent

  • Students who are accomplished in the creative / literary / oratorical arts such as bilingual orator, published writer, music composer, etc.
  • Portfolio and/or published works (in PDF) / awards / other credentials

Domain – Academic (English)

  • Special Achievement in English Language
  • Excellent results in national/or international competitions in English Language such as the University of New South Wales Competitions
  • Any other academic competitions/achievements

Domain – Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Language and Humanities (Debates and Public Speaking)

  • Students will be required to come to auditions with a prepared speech (1 minute) on one of the following topics:
    -Social Media: Good or Bad?
    -Respect should be earned.
  • Students will also be given an impromptu topic to speak on during the auditions. They may also be required to discuss any points of interest with the auditioner/s.
  • They will be assessed on Style, which will include voice projection, articulation, clarity and expression.
  • They will also be assessed on Content, which will include their knowledge of current affairs, the nature of their arguments and how they express their opinions.
  • We will personally call all applicants who meet the requirements to attend the audition.

CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent
Domain – Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
The Art of Communication through Theatre and Debates.

  • A high level of confidence when conversing about social issues. Interested applicants would demonstrate a genuine interest in current affairs or national, community issues and are able to articulate their thoughts in a clear and organized manner,
  • Experiences in either debates and/or theatre. This means that candidates have had experience related to debating and acting in productions, especially in the presence of an unfamiliar audience,
  • Possess a strong command of the English Language as reflected in candidates’ written and oral communication,
  • Applicants will perform a short dramatic monologue as part of the audition process (dramatization). The choice of monologues will be provided to applicants.
  • Oral presentation during the interview process.
  • Achievements at national competitions/ internationally recognized certification (Drama and Debates)/ Participation and level of representation in school/public performances.

CHIJ Katong Convent
Domain – Communicative Arts

  • Strong oracy skills and a flair for public speaking
  • Top honours or awards won at Inter-school Oratorical or Debate competitions
  • Carried out master of ceremony duties for school-wide/community events e.g. Speech Day

Tanjong Katong Girls’ Sch
Domain – Debating

Students will be eligible if they have excellent performance (with commendations) in one of the following:

  •  National oratorical, public speaking, storytelling or debating competitions (e.g. Wits & Words, organized by MOE) or
  • Other oratorical, public speaking, storytelling or debating competitions

Greenridge Secondary
Domain – Learning for Life Programme (Literary Arts)

Interested applicants must produce a portfolio to show evidence of ability. The portfolio could include:

  • Records of participation (for CCA, competitions etc.) and achievements
  • Records of any involvement in school wide projects or community level programmes or projects
  • Records of any other achievements which are relevant to support your application
  • Testimonials or recommendation letters by primary school teachers or aesthetic coaches/instructors
  • Letter of reference from external coaches/instructors (if any)
  • Interview
  • Auditions or trials (where applicable) – Recite a poem, story-telling etc.

Holy Innocents’ High School
Domain – Journalism & Broadcasting

  • Portfolio: Comprising achievements in journalism and broadcasting related performances, competitions, publications, etc.;
  • Audition: Quality of voice / writing and confidence in presentation;
    Demonstrate commitment and passion in Journalism and Broadcasting and participate actively in the related programmes throughout their 4 years in the school;
  • Take up Journalism and Broadcasting as the core CCA throughout their 4 years in the school.

Mayflower Sec School
Domain – Public Speaking & Debate

  • Participation in Oratorical/Public Speaking /Debating competitions
    Equivalent certification in area of participation
  • For Public Speaking requirements:
    Present a 3 minute speech on a given topic
    Be fluent in spoken English Language
  • For Debate requirements:
    Present a 5 minute argument on a given topic
    Be fluent in spoken English Language

Pasir Ris Crest Sec School
Domain – Effective Communication

  • Applicants must demonstrate a passion for communication related programmes /competitions and be committed to contribute to PRCS in the area for which they have been given DSA.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to go through a selection test as well as an interview.
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills (e.g. public speaking, debates or drama)
  • Achievement in competitions and performance experience are preferred.
  • Do well in the selection test. The selection test involves an audition that serve to assess the applicant’s mastery of the following: Confidence, Vocal Projection,  Clarity, Fluency, Stage Presence

Westwood Sec School
Domain – LEARNING FOR LIFE PROGRAMME: Arts for Life! (Speech and Presentation)

  • Display project management and good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent past performance in debate/story telling competitions or qualifications in the respective disciplines

Interested applicants must produce a portfolio to show evidence of the above. The portfolio could include:

  • Evidence of participation and achievements in a particular art form (can be in the form of an official certificate, photographs, drawings, video etc)
  • Testimonials or recommendation letters by primary school teachers or aesthetics coaches/instructors outlining qualities of creativity, resilience and
  • Letters of reference from private coaches/instructors (if any)

Selection Process

  • Stage 1: All applicants will be expected to go through a selection interview conducted by a panel chaired by Principal, Vice-Principal and Dean. Applicants who successfully clear the interview will move on to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Shortlisted applicants from Stage 1 are required to attend a selection test / audition.

Methodist Girls’ School
Domain – NA

  • I have added MGS IP as an option because they will consider students base on academic ability only.
  • The feedback from the DSA talks is that more emphasis will be placed on English in the areas of writing and communication.

Areas of Achievements which you can use for DSA consideration

  • Trinity Graded Exams in Communications Skills.
  • Top scorer for TRINITY College London Graded examinations in Communication Skills.
  • LAMDA Speaking in Public
  • SPAF – Singapore Performing Arts Festival – (Public Speaking, Impromptu Speaking and Creative Writing)
  • International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) – English and Writing – Distinction/High Distinction
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW) Medals – English or Writing
  • YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)
  • Babble & Speak Competition
  • The Moo-O Awards (Story-telling)
  • National Story Challenge (Story-telling)
  • Wits & Words: Inter-school Debate Championship
  • Primary School Debate Open
  • SOTA Creative Writing Competition
  • Young Authors Award
  • International Scenario Writing Competition
  • Commonwealth Essay Competition (Junior Under 14)
  • Budding Writers Competition
  • Odyssey of the mind (An international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for primary students. Team members apply their creativity to present their own interpretation of literary classics)
  • School Base competitions
  • Zonal/Inter-school competitions


Heema Zainudin – LAMDA Grade 5 Distinction – Top Student November 2015