Gold Star Award in Creative Writing ‘Dream’ by Allison Rae Yeoh

We are extremely excited to announce that our student Allison Rae Yeoh has achieved a Gold Star Award at SPAF 2020. This is an amazing achievement as she was the only Gold Star recipient for her age category this year. We are so proud of her and we would like you to read her entertaining story about a boy wizard. The title of her story is ‘Dream’.


“Ugh! Why is this happening to me?” I cried when I tried to change a stone into a chocolate bar, only succeeding to explode a jar. My name is Harry Patter, the Exploder. I am at a wizard school to learn magic. Now, I am trying a simple transformation spell but I still could not master it. Sighing, I flopped on my bed and imagined myself graduating from school. Nonetheless, it was hopeless as I was still in the lowest level!

The next day, I got detention for accidentally making another explosion and setting fire to the teacher’s beard. Glumly, I sat in the naughty corner, waiting for break time so I could go play.

Unfortunately, as soon as I went out for break, everyone stopped chattering and fingers pointed at me. Whispers of scorn could be heard. My heart became heavier by the minute and tears threatened to burst out. When the bully came over and teased me in a pathetic vice. It was too much. I gave a little sob and made a beeline for the big tree in the school garden and bawled my eyes out.

After what seemed like days, I finally stopped bawling and glanced around. The air smelled fresh and sweet and birds fluttered through the trees. This garden was special because it was full of nature.

Soon, my eyelids began to flutter and my body decided to take forty winks. Today, I dreamt whilst I slept.

Unusually, my dream today was about me becoming the most powerful wizard in the universe! When I woke up, I felt different. Unexpectedly, I raised my hand and yelled, “Huzzah!”. As usual, nothing happened. Feeling embarrassed at myself, I began to walk back to the main building of the school.

As I entered my class, the teacher’s stony glance told me I was late. Ignoring everyone, I strolled to my seat and sat down

One uninteresting hour later, our teacher finally finished her lecture. “Class, go work on your transformation spell!” she instructed. Cries of joy came from the class as they sped to get their objects.

Soon, everyone had finished except me. Taking a deep breath, I shouted at the top of my voice, “Watch me!” Everyone turned in surprised and looked in my direction. Sheepishly, I stared at the object and muttered the spell.

The class burst into laughter as nothing happened. Feeling angry, I muttered the spell again. Suddenly, pink dust came from my wand and hit the stone, turning it into a bar of chocolate.

There was a moment of stunned silence during which I had a triumphant smile on my face. I did it!

A few years later, I graduated from school and became the most powerful and feared wizard in the universe and to think that my powers came from a dream!

Finally everything changed. From the most unpopular kid in the school to the most powerful wizard in the universe. From one dream. Just one.

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