A HAUNTED LIBRARY- by Leem Jia En Gold Award in Creative Writing

We are extremely elated to announce that our student Leem Jia En has achieved a GOLD Award for Creative Writing at SPAF 2020. This is a great achievement on her part and we are very proud of her. We would like to share her story with all of you. It is titled ‘A Haunted Library’.


“Ding ding ding…” the school bell rang as it was recess time. I rushed out the classroom with my best friend, Lily. Lily loves to read books and we decided to head to the library as we were feeling full. Gleaming rows of books lined the shelves as we entered the library. We went to her favourite section of the books – on Animals.

While, we are immersed into our books, we heard something… “Click clack…. Click clack….” We looked nervously around but there was no one else besides the both of us. Goosebumps appeared on my arms as I stared at what it might be. As the sounds of the keys get closer, it made us even more frightened. “Stay calm…” Lily muttered. We ran pell-mell helter-skelter towards the door but no matter how hard we tried; we could not open the door. All of a sudden, it went pitch black. “Oh, come on!” I cried as we sat there. Our faces were a mask of horror. We could practically hear our own heart pounding like drums.

“Who is there?” Lily yelled out, fear making her voice squeak. A wall of silence greeted us, I wanted to run off but was determined not to be the first to run. Bang! Suddenly a door banged somewhere, and I heard a loud hacking cough. Squeezing our eyes shut, Lily and I held onto each other and screamed our heads off. “What are you girls doing?” she hollered! We opened our eyes and stared at the white figure that just spoke. She had messy hair and was holding a pen and book. She glared at us like an angry bull. Lily and I tried climbing out the library window since we could not open the door. Just then, we realised the white figure was our teacher, Mrs Tan….

Shamefaced, we apologised to the teacher and she unlocked the library door, walking out furiously. She took down our names and hurried us back to our classroom. Till now, we still don’t know why the library door was locked.

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