Congrats to our students who have achieve Distinction in the recent Communication Skills Exams.

1. Overall Top Student in J Carter Centre – Chloe Chua E-Shyan (Grade 5) 


2. Top scorer for Grade 4 in J Carter Centre – Julian Tay Yong Sheng


3. Top scorer for Grade 6 in J Carter Centre – Long Zeyu

IMG_02654. Youngest student to score a Distinction for Grade 4 in J Carter Centre – Curtis Aaron Chiu Min Ern (10 years old)


The following students have also scored a Distinction in the recent exams:

Grade 4

  1. Lim Swee Sen Samuel
  2. Naveen Saathappan
  3. Su Jing Long Brian
  4. Rama Venkatesh
  5. Yue Shi Quan Sean
  6. Carissa Ho Min-Yi

Grade 5

  1. Lang Li Yuan Michael
  2. Tejas Venkatesh
  3. Chen Ming Jiun
  4. Tham Min Andrea Alexis
  5. Alys Chia Zhi Qin
  6. Carman Chew
  7. Lim Kai Jie
  8. Ang Zi Jun Chester
  9. Kumar Laranya
  10. Kumar Lakshana

Grade 6

  1. Koh Bei Li
  2. Toh Qian Qi
  3. Charlene Chong Jiaxin

Well done my dear students! Thank  you for your hard work. I am very happy with the results.


Ms Jackeline Carter


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