WHY Singapore Performing Arts Festival & Fringe event this Saturday – 9 April 2022


AM SESSION  (Morning)

  [1000am – 1045am] Verse Speaking

  (Presenter: Alicia Kim Chua  – SPAF Adjudicator)

  1. Using your voice
  2. Words and meaning
  3. Using Breath, Pause and Emphasis
  4. Let’s practice
  5. Notes about recording performance video
  6. Q & A

  [1100am – 1230pm] Welcome and SPAF Introduction

  (Presenter: Mary Ann Tear – SPAF Committee Chair and Chief Adjudicator) 

  1. Our mission for Singapore Performing Arts Festival.
  2. What to expect.
  3. Brief introduction to the categories offered.
  4. What’s NEW! for 2022.

PM SESSION (Afternoon)  

  [200pm – 245pm] Performance Arts

  (Presenter: Amina Jindani – SPAF Adjudicator)

  1. Preparing Candidates for Pre-Recorded Performing Arts Submission.
  2. Help participants to examine the vital elements of performance acting and storytelling.
  3. Explore how to improve the clarity of voice through an exploration of the elements of emphasis, articulation and pace; as well as compare actioning to movement.
  4. Props versus mime
  5. Position yourself in the space in pre-recorded video submissions.

    [300pm – 430pm] Creative Writing

  (Presenter: Amina Jindani – SPAF Adjudicator) 

  1. An Introduction to Plot-Twists in Creative Writing
  2. Join us for a fun and exciting virtual board game experience on how plot twists work in storytelling narratives.
  3. Amina will take the participants through a 1 hour 45 minute introduction to the game, The Snakes and Ladders of Plot Twists.
  4. Participants will be writing down their Hero’s Journey ideas as the game evolves with some sharing of story notes at the end.

To Register for the AM Zoom session, please click this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUodOCtpj0qHNEHHAKGCsz1jOuskV13K6Fw

To Register for the PM Zoom session, please click this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYuc-6rpj4rE9ED1Ck7gqmNbqV21QNo2xzR

J Carter Centre for Public Speaking has been supporting the Singapore Performing Arts Festival since its early inception. Every year, our communication skills students will participate in several categories. The experience has expanded their skill sets in the area of public speaking and helped them gain confidence in the area of performance. We look forward to working together with the organisers MSWorks in this year’s event.

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