J Carter Centre for Public Speaking – June 2022 Workshops

PSLE Oral Examination Preparation 

In these workshops, we share our proven oral techniques that have helped many students ace this challenging exam. The workshop will help your child improve their ability to read expressively and converse knowledgeably. Each workshop will focus on 2 themes commonly tested during Primary 6 Prelim and PSLE. There are a total of 4 different workshops that will cover 8 themes. The workshops do not need to be taken in sequence as each workshop will cover the oral techniques required to do well in this examination. Students can choose to register for all 4 different workshops to be fully prepared for the oral examination.

The workshops will offer the following benefits to the learner: 

  • Develop opinions while expressing them in a confident and succinct manner using good phrases and proper sentence structure.
  • Learn essential reading techniques using our special PAFER(P) method to deliver a well-paced, fluent reading of a passage.

The themes covered in the workshops are as follows:

  1. Theme 1 – Values, Personal/Family
  2. Theme 2 – Community-related, National issues
  3. Theme 3 – School related, Activities

For the June school holidays, we will be offering Theme 1, 2 & 3. All workshops will be conducted Face-to-Face. The details of the workshops are listed below:

DSA-SEC(Pri 6): Interview Coaching Workshop

We offer intensive interview coaching for Primary 6 students who will be attempting DSA-SEC from July 2022. Students will be taught the skills needed to perform well during the DSA interviews. The workshops are grouped into specific domains to maximize the effectiveness of the coaching. The workshops cater to students applying to Integrated Programme (IP), Specialised independent schools (SIS), and Express secondary schools. 

At the end of the workshop, students will receive videos of the interviews carried out during the workshop. The DSA workshop will strengthen the communications skills of each student and provide them with the information and skills needed to perform confidently in front of a panel of interviewers.

The workshop will cover the following areas: 

  • Interview etiquette
  • Mock interviews
  • Guidelines and interview questions specific to domains/schools

The workshops are grouped according to the following domains:

  1. Academic domains – English, Bilingual, Mathematics, Science
  2. Sports – Individual and team sport
  3. Performing Arts – Music CCA, Music Elective (MEP), Drama/Theatre
  4. Others – Leadership, Innovation, STEM, STEAM

Lessons are taught over 2 days and each lesson is 3 hours. Students will be prepared for a maximum of two DSA choices only during one workshop run. (The two choices must be the domains offered for that workshop) 

Scenario 1

Choice 1: Mathematics/HCI

Choice 2: Science/RI

You only need to register for the Academic domains workshop.

Scenario 2

Choice 1: Bilingual/NYGH

Choice 2: Swimming/RGS

You will have to register for the Academic domains workshop and the Sport workshop if you want to be coached for both choices.

For the June school holidays, all workshops will be conducted Face-to-Face. The details of the workshops are listed below:

Art of Speaking – Overview

Holiday workshops are a great way for students to learn new skills in the area of performing in front of an audience or to excel in speaking festivals and competitions. At J Carter Centre, we have been preparing students for the Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) since 2017.

Students participate in different categories such as verse speaking, storytelling, impromptu speaking, public speaking, and many more. Our students have been achieving wonderful results at the festival over the years and some have gone on to represent their schools in speaking and debating competitions.

Achievements at speaking competitions are also a great way to build up a child’s portfolio for the DSA-SEC selection. Although not every student wants to participate in speaking competitions, learning the skill to speak confidently in front of others is always useful and a necessary talent in today’s competitive society. These workshops have been designed into short courses where students can choose to focus on a specific area of speaking in a fun and engaging way. The skills they have gained in the workshops will also prepare them for speaking competitions.

For the June school holidays, all workshops will be conducted Face-to-Face. All students will receive a video of their performance after the workshop. The details of the workshops are as follows:


Telling a story is a great way to learn how to perform to an audience and convey a message in an entertaining manner. Everyone loves to listen to a story and it is even better to be able to tell one with gusto. This workshop will teach students to learn to use vocal variety, facial expressions, and body language to bring a story to life for an audience.

Public Speaking

This is a life skill everyone should aim to master no matter the age. Speeches come in many forms but persuasive speaking is perhaps the most useful and necessary form of public speaking that we must all learn to do if we want to convince others to understand our point of view.  Students will learn to craft and deliver a persuasive speech to an intended audience. Verbal and non-verbal techniques will also be taught in this workshop.

If you have any questions, you may call 67372700 during centre hours:

Opening Hours

Wed – Fri: 3 pm – 7 pm

Sat & Sun: 10 am-4 pm

Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and public holidays

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